Ride to work… Get a Ride home.

I hate it when my Wife is Right.  Grrr…

This morning, she said, “You shouldn’t ride, I’ll give you a lift in.”

Oh no… I’m big tough biker… I can ride!!!  *Beats Chest*

Let me back up and give you some background here.  Saturday night my right knee really starting hurting.  Sunday morning, I woke up to a knee that would not bend. Pain.  Lots of pain.  Gout attack in the knee.  So I was on the couch or in bed all day.  Same story with Monday.  Same with Tuesday… but Tuesday night it was getting better.  Today, Wednesday morning I felt pretty good again.  “I can ride!” I said, and watched he drive into town in the Explorer as I put on my helmet.  Got a leg over the ZX-11, backed it up no problem.   Rolled forward… Oh Crap.  I can’t get my foot on the peg.  So I rode all the way into town with my right foot off the peg.  That’s not easy, but I couldn’t get it on the peg.  My knee wouldn’t bend.

I pull into work… Wife pulls in after me.  Having seen my foot hanging of course.  She did not say “Told you so.”  She knew she didn’t have to.   I hate it when she’s right.

After work…. my knee was killing me.  My left knee even started hurting.  So I limped the bike over to my Sister In Law’s, and parked it.  Called her up and she came and got me.

When we got home I looked at her and said “I can ride the KTM to work tomorrow… I can stand up on the pegs.”  Oh man… she was pissed!

BTW – I don’t need any Gout advice.  My hell every time I say Gout I get every form of home remedy suggestion and that’s about as annoying as my wife being right.  So… stuff that jazz.  I’m going to see the Bonesaw tomorrow.  Maybe get some Cortisone injections.

Oh, if anyone has a Can Am Spyder they are willing to trade for a ZX-11… Yeah, I’ll trade you right now.  Next week?  I don’t know, but right now I’d trade you.

Dudes, I seriously would not wish Gout pain on anyone… not even those few people still alive that I call my enemies.  Gout pain is insidious.  It’s basically God saying “I don’t like you.”  It hurts on a level that you just don’t understand unless you’ve had it.  No, I’m serious.  I’ve been shot.  Stabbed.  I’ve broken many bones.  I’d opt for another Gun Shot Wound over Gout Pain.   Because with Gout – there is nothing you can do about it.  There is no Position of Comfort, especially in the Knee.  In a Toe or Ankle, Gout is Hideous shit.  In the knee…. No… That’s God punishing you for something.  That’s a taste of Torment from Hell.  OTC Pain Meds… They don’t work unless you Combo them Up.  And when you do that, you have to be careful.

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  1. Preach it brother, I feel yer pain. Needles, billions and billions of little needles — from the inside out. Be clear of it several years now — thank the Lord and knock on wood.

    Hope you get relief — quick.

    Become the expert on your body and understand/address it as a systemic issue. Believe in and seek out a root cause solution. Ignore the experts who tell you all hope is lost, yer screwed/doomed for life.

  2. Sorry to hear about your pain but I have to aplaude your wife for not saying told ya so lol takes a lot of restraint for that . I hope the next time she offers you take her up on it but if you are anything like my hubby you won’t , just remember we ask out of love we know when you are hurting way before you are willing to accept it for what it is . Good luck with the shot ,when it helps cortisone is awesome .

  3. You could have called…..

    If you need something let me know.

    As for the gout pain,? Think about something else.

    ON another note, those gunz in “Romeo and Juliette” are AWESOME! Wherez canz I get some? >Ogre starts rant now, forgets (even for a second) knee pain<

    1. I almost punched my laptop screen.

      M, I know I could have called you… and that’s awesome. But my wife was already in town to pick up some groceries, so I just needed her to swing by on the way out. So it’s cool. Had I know Sis’s road was all tore up from construction, I might have parked at your place. Dirt is bad enough… but the bumps while holding your leg out… Good hell.
      Yeah, I think God is just straight up pissed at me. This is punishment for something horrible and he’s not waiting for me to die to send me to hell.
      In case anyone asks… I may have talked in a Theater… but I wont confess to doing it! (That’s from Firefly, M. You gotta watch it!)

      1. I think he may be punishing you for not giving me a proper cameo in the uprising series. *hiding voodoo doll of George *

  4. My wife did that to me once when I rode the bike to work. Going to work was ok. Somewhat windy, with some pretty good gusts. Handling was a little tricky, and I did have to brace myself when I stopped in order to avoid getting blown over, but I didn’t have too much trouble.

    However, it got progressively worse over the course of the day and eventually we were having 30-40 mph sustained winds and it was gusting up over 50. I was ready to try riding home at the end of the day, but she finally convinced me to leave the bike in the parking garage and came and picked me up. I thought I could have handled it and was a little bit annoyed. Later that evening, we went back to retrieve the bike after the wind had died down a little. On the way home, I realized she was right. I was getting blown all over the place and had to really work to keep from crashing. I’m sure it would have been way worse if I had tried to do it at 5pm when the wind was at its worst during the height of rush hour traffic.

  5. I feel your pain, though on a kidney stone level… same issue… don’t know what to do with yourself… Thank God for Toradal

  6. Luckily I don’t have as many occurrences of gout as I used to have when I was somewhat younger.
    I’ve always described it as being as if someone gave you an amazing kick in the testicles, and then it somehow moves into your foot but the pain does not let up.
    Mine hits my instep when I get it, making it almost impossible to walk.

  7. Ogre, no advice from me only empathy. I’m going through a flare up right now myself, left knee and ankel. Sometimes I don’t know which is worse though, the gout or the meds. Gaaahhhh!

  8. Any sort of bone/joint pain is horrible. My wife gave birth to our three kids with no medication, and rates the exact moment of crowning as a “9 out of 10” on the pain scale. Then her cancer created a tumor in her shoulder, she said that was a 9.5, and it was continuous, not just for a moment. But hey, with 150mg of morphine per day (enough to get a whole frat house stoned), she can at least function.

    Yeah, I’d rather get shot than go through that.

  9. If he has the knee amputated, he’ll just get gout in his hips.

    Choose! Choose the form of the destructor!

    Seriously: I hope you can get over this without having to have a bunch of big fucking crystals dug out of your knee again.

  10. Saw a guy riding a Spyder on commute today. Gave him the benefit of a doubt that he had the same problem.

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