KTM To Work

Do to the requirement of attending our monthly team meeting at the Range today, I opted to ride the KTM.  The Range is not Sport Bike Friendly.  Not at all.  It’s not even Car Friendly.  It’s 4X4 friendly for sure… So the KTM went to work with me.

I like it.  Due to the use of Off Road Cogs instead of actual Tires, it did have an abundance of vibration.  But that was expected.  It’s very different through the curves, the way these sorts of machines lean.   I like the riding position and the fact that its so much easier to stand up on the pegs.  It’s odd standing up on the highway… but fun.  I only went tops 67 MPH and not my usual Warp Factor 9, but it didn’t feel like I was going slow.  It’s just a fun machine.  I got used to the bike more… and coming home on it I was much more confident and comfortable.  I liked it even more.

I also liked the fact that I was able to say to myself, “Hey, where does that little turn off go?”  So I took it… went over a couple hills and across a field and back onto the highway.   NICE!  That is the exact thing I wanted an Enduro for.  I can go anywhere on it.  I love that.  It’s not smooth pavement only.  I am digging this Enduro thing.  The Two Wheeled Jeep thing.  It’s addicting.  I find myself daydreaming about where I can go and explore.  I’ve gone up to Paradise Lake a couple times… and it’s fun.  But I want to take it further.  Go explore some Ghost Towns.  Go up to the tops of some of these mountains around here.  And I will.

An Enduro is liberating.  It really is.

5 thoughts on “KTM To Work”

  1. “I wonder where this road leads” is sometimes dangerous, often time delaying, but always an adventure.

  2. What I can’t stand is when people get these top of the line off-road trucks then put 24″ low profile street tires on them and they never leave the pavement. The thing’s built for the dirt. I’m envious of your machine (and your physical ability to still ride…) as I could picture myself tearing up the NC back country on one.

  3. This just reminded me, Ural has a special financing deal going right now (4%). But, I’m refusing to borrow another dime until all of my bills are paid off. I so want a Ural Gear-Up for this kind of thing. I think it would be great for exploring back country areas.

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