Marlin. Credit where credit is due.

Marlin rifles have always been a favorite of mine.  It was depressing when their quality took such a drastic nose dive.
I’m happy to say that the quality is back.  Not only that, but their service department seems to going the extra mile.
We had a customer who’s rifle was damaged in an auto accident.  To include ejection from vehicle into river.  Lots of damage and broken forend.  Marlin fixed everything, good as new, and didn’t charge a dime.  That was above and beyond and impressed the hell out of me.
So Marlin gets full marks in their Centerfire Lever Actions again.

The Rimfires… Not so much.  In the last two days, we’ve replaced two firing pins in 39As. Both guns suffering misfires.  One came back from repair for that reason, and Marlin didn’t fix it… so we did.  Problem solved. 

Come on Marlin!

8 thoughts on “Marlin. Credit where credit is due.”

  1. Well that’s nice to hear. I keep wanting to get a 336, but the quality issue has been scaring me off. Hopefully Marlin keep this trend going.

    1. Incidentally, George, what do you think of the 336BL? I haven’t had a chance to handle one, but I like the idea of a bigger loop. The factory loops have always been a little small for me.

  2. I recently bought a Marlin bolt tube fed .22. It is awesome. I might shoot it more than my Savage .17

  3. Probably dry firing.

    Dry-firing a .22lr without a spent shell or a snap cap in the chamber is bad. The pin ends up striking the side of the barrel.

    1. That’s what I initially suspected but the chamber showed no evident marks. I suspect Marlin didn’t heat treat the firing pins because the metal seemed soft.

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