I’m writing this post to a certain woman I know who is unappreciated and mistreated by her husband.  You know I’m into bikes.  I love all motorcycles.  So forgive me the Moto-Metaphor.  Anyway.  One of my favorite brands out there are the Triumphs.  Classics, all of them.  The old ones, even more so, even more desirable because they are now rare.

I knew this guy once.  He had a great old Triumph.  But he ignored it.  He pushed it aside in his garage.  Eventually it ended up in the back with an old paint tarp thrown on it so he didn’t have to see it and it ended up with some junk piled on it.
What he didn’t know was that old Triumph was worth more than his newer bikes, even worth more than his house.  But he didn’t realize this and didn’t take the hints about it… and he only paid attention to his new flings.
Finally someone asked him for it and he gave it up… just to get it out of his garage.
The new owner knew what he had.  He cleaned it up.  Turned it up.  Restored, very easily and simply it to what it should have always been…  People saw this classic Triumph riding around town… Every biker would double take and rubber-neck looking at this fine machine.
The old owner was mad.  Demanded it back… but it was too late.  New owner just laughed and enjoyed his new Truimph.  He rode it everywhere… Just enjoyed riding that wonderful machine.

To the person I’m writing this too… You are a Triumph in every sense of the word and your husband doesn’t realize your worth.   One day he will.  And it will be too late and it will be his loss and not yours.  Don’t let him throw a tarp on you.

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  1. I was in an apartment laundromat a few years back, and a young man came it with some laundry he was short of quarter and I changed a dollar for him. We got to talking and he started complaining about how his wife had changed and was slacking off on doing things. She showed up and she was cute as a button and obviously pregnant, and probably in the nest building mode, and here he was bad mouthing her. I was so tempted to stick my nose in and say, “If you don’t want her can I have her.”

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