Another happy moment

Check this out guys.  In the last pistol class, we had a young lady attend who trained as hard as she could running a Walther that didn’t want to run.  She did her everloving best and got through the course.  Today, Dad got her a nice present… a new SIG.  Niki was so excited she was giggling constantly and doing that “Pee-Pee Dance”.  The genuine delight was wonderful, radiant, and infectious… she had other customers grinning too.

When she comes back for the next pistol class... She'll be ready!

Nothing better than a New Gun!  That’s some awesome Pro-Level parenting, Dad.  Good job!

10 thoughts on “Another happy moment”

  1. “genuine delight[,] wonderful, radiant, and infectious…”

    Excellent! Any time I see that in my students I feel like a proud Dad myself. Kudos to Niki! And to her Dad! Great work!

  2. GREAT Dad!
    I have gotten my youngest his first rifle so far, and he has just started showing interest in handguns.
    SERIOUS respect to the Father Daughter combo there, defensive pistol class and the pistol to go along with it.
    That is a man that loves his little girl.


  3. Details! We must have more details. What Walther was failing for her, and which Sig did she get? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Seriously, though, that’s a great present to say “I love you and care for you and want you to be able to protect yourself because sometimes it really is up to just you, nobody else.”

    1. She’s a young girl and recoil shy. The guns in question are Rimfires.
      Walther’s P22, and then upgraded to SIG’s excellent 1911-22.
      When she is ready, she’ll be getting something more substantial.

      1. I have heard a lot of bad things about the P22 as well.

        What is wrong with them? Did the brain dead take over this once fine brand?

        Couldn’t they come up with a Ruger 22 or a Colt Woodsman copy?

        1. Oh yeah, those were options… but considering when she gets a little older she’ll get a SIG 1911 in .45, this is a perfect training approach.

  4. Walther PPKs require +p grade .380s to run. Which is a big minus … off the shelf .380 tends to fail.

    If you want a walther shaped purse gun, I strongly suggest buying a Makarov instead. They are 100% reliable with all surplus mak ammo.

  5. I’m actually jealous of her dad. My kids really weren’t interested, and frankly, when they were young we didn’t have the scratch to go shooting much. And I didn’t have access to .22 rifles. Just .30 cal deer rifles and a .357 mag revolver. It’s only now that they’ve left the nest that I’ve been able to acquire and shoot more.

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