Congratulations to the Adams Family

Luke and Sarah Adams, my friends and my Holster Makers Extraordinaire have just had their first child.

The labor was a long drawn out horrible affair, but all is well now and the baby is reportedly healthy and well cared for and loved.  We all hope he starts making holsters with Dad soon!

Congratulations, with all my heart.  Luke, give her and the baby a hug for me!

For all you guys saying the lead time is too much – Give them your order and cut them some slack – their whole world has just changed.  For the better.   Your new holster will get to you and you will be happy you had the patience.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Adams Family”

  1. Congrats Luke and Sarah! Enjoy your time with that new baby! We can wait a couple more days for our holsters, not a big deal.

  2. Welcome to “The Club”.
    I am truly sorry it was so bad on Sarah, but your son will provide you with love, entertainment, and pride the rest of your days.


  3. Well thanks George and everyone else for the encouragement it’s been one hell of a ride;) We’re doing great though, things are getting back to a new normal. I’m back in the shop today and getting emails and everything back on track. Hopefully if things go well I’ll be back at my bench by this evening buttoning up a few holsters that got left hanging when we had to run into the hospital.

    I do very much appreciate all the support from everyone(as well as the advice, I’ll never turn down free advice:)

    Take care!


    Oh and now I gotta get a good solid cap gun for Eli, I’m planning a small scale full western holster for him;) Well I’ve been planning it for the last couple years before he was even a thought;)

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