SIG smashed out another home run pistol

You guys know I’ve drank the Glock Cool-aide.  I freely admit it.  But I also remain an unabashed fan of the handguns from SIG SAUER.  I just like them.  Especially when SIG is coming out with very good ideas like the new P938.

Not much bigger than the P238, the little .380 automatic… the new P938 is essentially the same thing just scaled up slightly to fire the 9mm cartridge.

One of the guns that I’ve always wanted was a Colt Pocket 9.  Colt gave the American Public the middle finger and my desire to pursue the Pocket 9 was squelched, but not totally killed in action.  This kind of reminds me of that little Colt.

Really the only guns in the SIG’s class are the Kimber Solo, the Springfield EMP and SIG’s own P290.  I’m not talking about the Kahr’s or the Walther or even the Shield… I’m talking about the Higher Class options here.  The 938 just feels like it’s a step above to me.  I think it’s a lot nicer than an EMP… again, that’s just me and I am not going to cut down on the EMP.  I know it’s a great little pistol.  I just like the 938 a lot more for reasons I can’t quantify for you.  Same reason I like “Pralines and Cream” better than “Butter Pecan”.  I can’t explain why… I love me some Butter Pecan.  It’s one of my very favorites, but given the option between the two, I’ll take the Pralines and Cream every time.  I don’t even know what the hell a Praline is.

Back to the SIG, the new 938 trumps the 290 hard.  Lower bore axis, slimmer profile… just nicer.  I know I tend to favor Single Action triggers or triggers that feel and work like Single Actions, so admittedly I am biased to the 938 over the 290.  But taking the trigger out of the equation, the 938 is dimensionally smaller, which gives it an edge in concealment without sacrificing any ability for the gun to be a good shooter.  So really the choice is between the 938 and the Solo.

The P290 just seems too chunky by comparison to the slender newcomer.

At the gun shop I work at, we are a house divided on the new SIG… Some of us prefer the SIG P938.  And by Some I mean just me.  Everyone else like the Solo better. Oh well.  The SOLO is very smooth and sleek.  But it’s too much of a good thing and I don’t feel like I can get a solid hold on it.  It doesn’t point for me either.  The 938 points very well for being so small, and I can get a good grip on it, even with my hamfists.

To me it comes down to that trigger pull.  The SIG’s trigger is a Single Action that kept getting better the more we played with it, with the SOLO is a Double Action Only affair… While the SOLO’s trigger is nice, I find the SIG’s to be superior.  Some will argue that accuracy with a Defensive Weapon such as these is a secondary concern… and they are right.  But this doesn’t mean we have to disregard accuracy altogether.  I am quite sure that in a defensive pistol accuracy remains quite important.  Making that First Round Hit through a Vital is important.  But, that’s just my opinion.

I’d love a SIG P938 and I just might have to get one, one of these days… and by one of these days I mean “as soon as possible.”

UPDATE:  Thanks for the Hat Tip, SIG.  *High Five*

14 thoughts on “SIG smashed out another home run pistol”

  1. Agreed George.
    The 238 almost got my money when I was looking for a small pistol… even tho it was a .380 AND had a smaller round count.
    The 938 is more of the same with a larger round.
    Coming from a 1911 background helped also.
    If someone needed a BUG and was a 1911 guy, I can see either of these Sigs topping the list.


  2. George, I completely agree with you too. I just prefer a single action trigger to DAO. That sells it for me right there. Now, I just want to see someone go through a tough pistol training course with a P938.

  3. I have a 238 and a 290. They are both great pistols. A 938 will join them as soon as I can find one.

  4. With the Sig C3 being my EDC this appeals a lot to me for an option when riding the bike, etc, when I just can’t carry the .45.

    Let’s see what the Finance Minister says.

  5. One of the things I love about my P238 is how easy an pleasant it is to shoot. Ever with hot CorBon DPX loads follow up shots are quick and never hurt my hand.

    While I would expect it to have a snappier recoil, I wonder if the 9mm version will as pleasant and easy to shoot as the .380.

    I guess there’s only one way to find out.

  6. What is the best weapon for home defense? Car defense? I have a 2 story house, 1,800 sq ft. Should I buy a weapon for each floor? I am quickly becoming a Sig Sauer fan.

    1. Shotgun for the home. Pistol or Revolver for the Car – or better yet – On You. Which one is the best – well, there is no such thing as “The Best”. The best is what you are most effective with and have trained with. That’s what makes something The Best.

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  7. I’m a die hard 1911 addict and Sig makes the best… but this will get me out of my office and out to our Sig dealer here in town.

  8. I have a 938 Extreme model on order with the local shop. I have three 238s. Love them, carry them everywhere. Great for warm weather carry. You can not beat Sig Sauer i/m/h/o. Quality, accuracy, looks and heritage. Love ’em!

  9. I had the little german-made Sig in 380 ACP as a carry gun for a time. It was a superb weapon.

  10. I got one Tuesday (gun store got 2 and I was on wait list). It has had 500 rounds through it already. It is a low recoil pocket rocket with great (night) sights, fits my P238 holsters, and will still truly fit in my pocket unlike the Kimber. It is one bad little firearm.

    they have them on, but not for the $65o I paid locally. Having shot this baby like I have, I say dont worry about the extra $75…that is nothing to stand between you and this baby!

  11. Butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I may have just found my next concealed weapon.

    I’ll be looking for a 938 at the gun shows, gotta wrap my hand around it and see fo sho, but I like what I’m reading.

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