17 thoughts on “iPhones vs Droids”

  1. The one thing that I don’t like about either smart phone OS is that neither of them have the degree of security and privacy that I’d be comfortable with.

  2. I like the interface of the iPhone, its ease of use, and yes I drank the Mac kool aid in 2007 and have continued to do so. Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPad, every model of iPhone, and numerous iPods. Maybe I am a bit biased.

  3. iPhone. It’s just like my beloved iPod Touch with additional phone capability. My wife has a Droid. I hate to have to use that backasswards engineered POS when she’s driving and needs me to text or call someone. Why can’t it be as easy to operate for someone with sausage fingers as my iPhone?

    Most importantly, I’m a music guy. I can load the iPhone with all my iTunes music, vids, etc. with no hassle or tech foul ups.

    I know some curse iTunes and Apple in general but I’ve yet to have one problem from any of the Apple products I’ve owned over the past ten years and the iPhone has been the best of the lot.

  4. I find the droid very intuitive. Everything is where i expect it to be. I can’t find anything on Apple products.

  5. I think that if you are already a Mac user, you should go with iOS. However, I prefer the flexibility, customization and lack of proprietary BS that Android offers. Look, I loathe iTunes. And, if you want to sink your iOS device with a computer you have to use iTunes. Also, you can only sink an iOS device with one computer. My Android devices (phone and tablet) can sink with any computer I want them to.
    And, since I buy all of my music DRM free from Amazon (and store my older stuff there as well) I can get it all onto my devices by just using the Amazon MP3 app. It will also sink my playlists and some other files.

    I really do believe that it all depends on if you have bought into the closed and tightly regulated Apple culture, or you are more interested in the freedom and flexibility of a more open platform.

  6. Android, It will do everything the iPhone will, except you don’t have to join a cult.

    Apple is the computer equivalent of an invasive species. Once you let it into your PC eco-system, you can never get rid of it.

  7. Android. You can root it, have total control over privacy issues/GPS etc. Add a reasonable firewall to allow internet access in either direction only to programs you choose, get rid of any pre-installed bloatware, grab Avast for anti-virus and anti-theft, and you have a pretty nice, safe, setup.

    iPhone has a smaller screen, you have very little control over what goes on under the hood, and you instantly become an (un)willing part of a cult of personality.

    Plus everything Chris said.

  8. iPhone. Just works. I don’t need to be dicking around with phones and computers. I can and am very competent with all this junk, I just don’t have the time. All the supposed advantages of ‘open’ systems like Android are paid for with the end users’ time. Hours and hours and hours of time. LIfe is too short!

  9. I refuse to buy into the cult of steve (talked about we need to create jobs here but then give jobs to China) jobs.

    1. Steve Jobs, jobbing Americans out of Jobs, while donating to relelect Obama and Democrats.


  10. Android if you like flexibility and tinkering with things. iPhone if you want a device that “just works” for the average user. As for not talking about the plethora of different models all I can say is that there is indeed a plethora. I consider that a plus.

    For what it’s worth I’ve got a droid Commando. I dunno if this post means you’re looking at phones but it’s the only Verizon smartphone I’d call “ogre-worthy”

  11. Droids all the way. My R2 unit can access the entire Imperial Network in seconds, navigate my Z-95 Headhunter through hyperspace, AND is a freakin’ rolling Swiss Army Knife.

  12. I love my ‘droid. I control every aspect of it’s communication with the outside world. It’s rooted, I can toss on any one of several dozen Android versions that I want to at a moments notice. I’ve overclocked it, and I’ve undervolted it. I can make the battery last 2 days without a charge. Hell, I can even replace the battery without watching 8 youtube videos, using several tools, & voiding the warranty…

    My friend has an iphone. He can make calls, and whatever else the iphone LETS him do. He is at its mercy.

  13. Nokia N9. Runs Linux (aka meego and/or maemo-harmattan). Throttled in its crib by rat-bastard, Microsoft-Trojan-Horse Stephen Elop. Wipes the floor with iphones and droids. Going to buy a couple more to put away for use later when my current one dies so I don’t have to debase myself with an iphone or droid.

  14. Iphone, I got tired of dealing with my family members crashing Androids. Besides it has easily handeled more abuse then the androids i’ve worked with could and it isn’t a clunky brick that i can’t fit in my pocket. I’ll get a android when I find a phone with a true independent GPS and radio reciever.

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