IT LIVES!!! And So Do I, again.

The Superhawk is now operational again. Headlights, tail and brake, and all the instrumentation is working again. I took it for a test ride, and it seems fine. Took the Hawk into town and picked up some new Fuses and I think I’m good.
I need new turn signals and a new Shifter. The shifter right now is folded back on its self and hard to shift with. This is a part that will have to be replaced. Attempting to bend it back will break it. I look at this as a time to upgrade. Racing parts, and I’ll get some LED Turn Signals, I think.

18 thoughts on “IT LIVES!!! And So Do I, again.”

  1. Congrats on getting it on the road so fast. If you are ordering LEDs, remember to order the resistor if you don’t want the fast blinking turn signals. +1 on Massimo’s suggestion!

  2. You’ve probably already done it but double check your helmet and other safety gear for damage.
    They’re expendable items … you aren’t.

      1. I LOVE mine!! They circulate well enough to have in the gauntlet length since you wear a jacket. I may buy another pair just to have both lengths when money permits. It is nice to know that your wrists are protected too.

          1. I am happy with myupper body protection. I have looked at different lower body protection. It all looks either hot or notcompatable with my boots

  3. One nice thing about living in or near a large city was the availability of junkyards that specialized in motorcycles. There are some that do mail order. In the day you could pick it your self for at least half price.

  4. Be careful when changing to LED turn signals on the Hawk. The regulator/rectifier can overheat and can leave you stranded on the side of the road due to it converting all of the extra energy that the LED’s save into heat. I’ve had it happen on my Superchicken, and when the R/R fails, it a can do a lot of damage to your electrical system.

  5. have led-friendly flashers so you don’t have to run the resistors.

    frame sliders?
    glad you’re alright after the digger.

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