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  1. When I was at Bitburg the MWR had tour packages to the Isle of Man races…I wish that I had the $$ to go but being an E-3 didn’t pay much at the time. I did ride with a bunch of crazy Japanese guys that rode like that all over northern Japan and it was a complete rush but I’m still baffled as to why I’m still alive. Too many crazy mofos.

  2. It’s neat how many people lined up on those countrysides just to see someone ride by so fast you can just barely tell what the primary colors are on their gear/bikes. Something about someone moving that fast, I guess.

    Very cool video.


  3. Cool. Not showing the wife this because when my mid-life-crisis hits my only option will be a scooter.

  4. I think the only thing that takes more stones than this is to be the co-pilot, navigator in a European Rally car race or the human ballast in a motorcycle sidecar race. Sitting there knowing you have absolutely zero control over the maniac at the controls must take a superhuman amount of composure. Those people must, of necessity, be the absolute masters of brief, succint communication or the ninja death touch dirty look.

  5. Knowing I would never consider doing that anymore is proof I have already lived too long.

    1. There is some unfortunate truth to that statement. There are some races I’d love to do… Dakar, Baja 1000… But IOM TT… Not so much.

  6. Wow that is amazing what kind of speeds are they going? I’m scared of heights and I would rather jump from a plane then ride that fast on two wheels.

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