An all Titanium AR.

I was asked if Crusader could do this. WHY? Crusader builds serious use guns. Titanium would be as much as an advantage in a fighting gun as Spinners would be on the Hubs of Police Cars. Besides, Titanium has some problems. Galling and Cold Welding being among them. The rifle according the Nemo’s site is almost 9 pounds. So instead of getting one of these, how about an armory full of Broadswords?
From the video, the guy says it is “Wildly impractical for the End User.”
Hey, if they want to known for making expensive useless crap… They just unlocked that achievement. Using Titanium just to say “It’s Titanium” is rather asinine. Titanium isn’t Magic. But that’s fine for them. Crusader will remain known for making seriously excellent guns and lubricants.

6 thoughts on “An all Titanium AR.”

  1. In their defense, they fully admit it is impractical. Titanium being hard to work with, as it is, does show off their machining abilities. While the billets used to make the parts are incredibly expensive, machine shops save the chips and sell them to recyclers, $98k is just ludicrous.

  2. That’s a really expensive way to advertise their machining capabilities. Couldn’t they just SAY “hey, we could make a titanium AR if we wanted, but who has the money to waste on that?”
    This is just dumb to me.

  3. IMHO, I think you missed the point of why they built it. Or maybe you trying to get a rise out of us. Probably that.

  4. Why build it? Why not. Personally I think it’s pretty cool. Sure, it wasn’t a great business move and I’d never want to own one but that’s not the point. This was most likely born out of a couple dudes sitting in a shop and saying “Dude, wouldn’t it be crazy if…?”. I, for one, support that.

    And let’s be honest, if cop cars had spinners I’d smile a little more often. Someone should get on that.

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