Lever Action Collection

A fellow that shall not be identified has brought in his gun collection for liquidation.  Here are just some of the guns.

Winchester Commemoratives, some in .30-30, others in .38-55. Yes, this photo makes an awesome Wallpaper!

If there are any guns you want – Please come to Basin Sports in Vernal Utah, 511 West Main Street.  You have got to see these for yourself.  If you want to pay for one over the phone to have it shipped to your Dealer – Dude, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Some of these guns have the original boxes and they are DELICATE.

17 thoughts on “Lever Action Collection”

    1. Yeah… I was the same way when I came into work the other day. We had these in Trav’s office… I about died right there. You need to see the handguns. OMG.

  1. Lordy. Makes me want to make a road trip. Not sure I have the time and gas money to make a run to Utah from Kansas City, alas…

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