The Guns of: Knight and Day

The movie “Knight and Day”:  One of the more interesting selections of guns for a cheesy action comedy.  The Tom Cruise character”Roy” is packing a SIG P250.  The first time I’ve seen that gun in a movie.  He’s got a light and laser combo on the gun, which is cool, but not something people normally back concealed.  Especially when later he pulls out a Glock 19.  I’m not sure if a SIG P250 is the ideal weapon for firing from the hood of a Lincoln… but I think the Glock would have been a better choice.  Perhaps.  I’m not sure.  I’ve never had to engage threats while riding on the hood of a Lincoln.

After the chase, Roy hands the screaming woman a Taurus Judge.  Again, not the most ideal gun.  It’s marketed for Car-Jacking Defense, so maybe in a strange way it’s the ideal gun.  The screaming woman promptly deposits the Judge into a Post Office bin… which is one of the better options for a Taurus Judge.
After handing the screaming woman the Judge, Roy pulls out a Para USA AR-15.  Again, another first time I’ve ever seen that weapon in a movie before kinda gun.
Roy some time later pulls out some HK MP7’s, which he of course Dual Wields…. which works out well for him, until he hands one to the screaming woman, then he almost gets killed by her.  The SWAT type guys of course were no threat, but give the screaming woman an SMG and that just about does him in.
This brings about a good rule of thumb, Chicks with Guns are cool… but Anti-Gun Screaming Chicks with Sub-Machineguns are evidently a very bad idea.
I don’t think I’ve seen a movie where the woman screamed this much since Jewel of the Nile or Temple of Doom.  Two movies which I found to be highly annoying.  Actually, I never thought anyone could out-scream Kate Capshaw, but Cameron Diaz did it.  And the world is a poorer place for it.
All this for a battery that could supposedly power a city… but would still run dead in a Surefire after 30 minutes.

The Bad Guys seem to be better armed.  HK G36C’s are all over.  One of the few HK rifles that I would love to have.  The G36 is a great rifle… I wish the US Military could have taken it’s cousin the XM8.  Unfortunately the XM8 had a slight problem with melting, but I’m sure that could have been resolved with a little more R&D.

Being a Car Guy I have to admit there is one Pontiac that I like, and it was in this movie… the classic GTO.  Classic American Muscle Cars… for all their faults, still provoke the best feelings of love and romance.  They are not perfect.  They have their faults and demand more attention.  Much like a 1911.

I’m curious about how they showed the SIG P250 performing so well, when it’s one of SIG’s more problematic handguns.  Yet they showed one of the bad guys with an AK-47… and the AK jams.  I’m pretty sure that this would be the other way around.  At least, I’d put my money on it being the other way around.

Okay, so after watching this flick a second time… I have to say that it is not a movie for the Gun Guy.    This is a movie for the Screaming Woman type.

8 thoughts on “The Guns of: Knight and Day”

  1. Whatever you want to call it, it was definitely a better Bond movie than the last two Bond movies.

    Fun flick.

  2. Ogre:
    AKs do jam.

    There’s a propaganda video of a famous terrorist mastermind shooting one. He has to work the action manually after every shot.

      1. My wife actually found some Barnaul ammo that could make her Norinco AK jam during a FSP event. Bullcrap hollowpoints, i.e.; tips of standard combloc milspec ground off to reveal the hollow part inside, combined with thick matt brown paint on the cases.

        The instructor bought ALL of her ammo from her, as he really wanted to have some ammo that would let him practice real AK malf drills consistently.

  3. Ogre, you hit on one of my biggest problems with movies. Apparently no bad guy ever practices shooting. A single man can easily handle 10-15 enemies. In some movies, a man with a pistol takes down multiple assailants that are armed with assault rifles.

    1. Well, there is the practice thing yes. There is also the fact that Tom Cruise is notoriously short and thus much harder to hit. This is why Hobbits make great burglers and Bothans make great spies.

    2. If the bad guy is a criminal … yea, they really don’t practice shooting. They can’t. Merely having a gun is unlawful for them. And a lot of them like copy the silly stuff in the movies.

      I swear that hollywierd’s sideways glock thing is some kind of conspiracy to make criminals alway miss.

  4. “All this for a battery that could supposedly power a city… but would still run dead in a Surefire after 30 minutes.”

    HAHAHA! 😀 Love it. As the owner of an E2E, I can relate.

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