11 thoughts on “A question in search of an answer”

  1. I’m too intimidated to take any gun courses because of the pictures I see on the web. It seems all students of such courses have the facial hair. I’m skeeerd. I prefer to live incognito with no facial hair and no bumperstickers. No one would suspect that I carry (unless you know me).

    I do get the supprised look at my responce when asked what ward I am in. I am not LDS; it supprises people apparently. I need a beard so that the assumptions STOP! lol

    1. Yes, if you grow out an angry Goatee – no one will think you are LDS. Take a look at me. No one BELIEVES that I am LDS.
      “What? Your MORMON? Like Mitt Romney? Prove it.”

      1. I’m imagining a Monty Python-esque skit in which you have to try and “prove” that you’re Mormon, to someone who keeps refusing to believe you…

  2. A goatee is the TRUE Tactical Beard.

    …..because it’s 100% compatible with collapsible stocks….

  3. I still believe that the full beard with the Celtic fork ( shorter in the center and aft along the jawbone but with the longer parts coming off the points of the chin and swept back over the shoulders ) and the accompanying ‘stash is the nuts. Anybody that disagrees is some bastich offspring of the Roman occupation. Arrrghh. ( grin )

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