9 thoughts on “What were they thinking?”

  1. I’ve never handled one of those but I have a buddy who owns one, and a Milspec.

    I always thought it was a cool concept and even considered getting one, but only owning one of their 1911s means I am far from a collector of these beasts.

    Still, too bad. I want a more carryable piece in this arena, maybe one of the small Kimbers since I can’t afford an Ed Brown, like my bud. He’s an AR and 1911 fag, and I respect that.

  2. Wow… this is kind of a shocker. Still, the Mil-Spec with the better sights is a better overall gun. I lament the loss of the basic 1911 though from their lineup.

  3. maybe they were losing out to the basic not frill imports like your beloved ATI and decided their resources were better spent elsewhere…

  4. Too bad, but … unless you just want one that looks like an old-school USGI 1911, the Mil Spec or just about any other 1911 is better than the USGI.

    I got a USGI Springfield a number of years ago because I mistakenly thought that was an entry-level 1911, and because we still had them on my ship when I was in the Navy. Shortly after getting one though, I realized the basic USGI 1911, while adequate for a basic pistol, lacks many things you take for granted in any modern defensive pistol.
    -good sights
    -flared ejection port – that’s pretty big. the USGI ejection port is so tight and small that it’s hard often just to cycle an unfired round of ball ammo out of the pistol, without the round getting hung up somewhere in the ejection port. Fired cases? No problem. Complete rounds? They get caught because the port is about as small as it can be.
    -old school feed ramp part of the frame not part of the barrel.
    My 1911 will feed ball and hollowpoints, but no-way no-how will it feed semi-wadcutter rounds. not even after it went to the factory and got the feed ramp re-polished and the chamber re-reamed (while a broken hammer strut was being fixed). The feed issues may not be the feedramp, maybe. But, my USGI 1911 is picky about ammo it likes and my M&P 45 isn’t picky in the slightest.

    1911s aren’t my thing really, so I haven’t gotten others to do the things that the USGI 1911 isn’t well-suited for. At least get something with better sights and a bigger ejection port …

  5. Bought mine in 2006 with the green finish. Sort of an impulse buy as I was really looking for a Taurus 1911, and that one just jumped out at me. I couldn’t be happier with it! I learned the .45 while in the Army, and my USGI Springy feels like an old friend. A really great shooter!

  6. I suspect too many folks bought the guns and then added sights etc.
    End result Springfield gave other folks the business. Better to sell guns with all the Mod Cons built in. (Modern Conveniences – from the Real estate adverts many moons agone.)
    Who has an early Springfield 1911 in blue.

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