The Marine’s 1911

According to the Military Times, the US Marines are looking to officially pick up an off the shelf 1911 for it’s MARSOC program.

The choice is between the Colt Rail Gun and the Springfield MC Operator.

Between the two, I’d pick the Springfield in a heartbeat.  Springfield has shown consistent quality control and a commitment to its customer base by backing up their products with the industry’s best customer service.  Everyone I know that has one of these MC Operators has been more than impressed with them.  Accurate and reliable.

One thing I don’t understand is why the Operator instead of the TRP?  The Springfield TRP Pro was the pick of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team…. a group that is a little picky about their weapons, and absolute artists when it comes to the application of those weapons.  The TRPs roll out for about 1500 bucks and the MC Operators for about 1200.  But money isn’t a question for these guys.  It’s not the rail, because we’ve seen TRP’s with and without rails.  Mayhaps the MC Operator is more reliable than TRP?  Hmmm…

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  1. I knew better than to read the “expert” opinions in the comment section of the article posted.

    “Glocks can’t hold up to military aplication”

    “Glocks can’t handle humid or cold weather”

    “World champion shooters only shoot 1911”

    “I hope they choose Kimber because they are the best”

    Oooooooookaaaaay *rolling eyes*

    1. Glocks are not 1911’s which is why they are not under consideration. Neither are the HK45’s, FN FNP’s, or any of the other proven handguns out there… They want a 1911. That’s it. A 1911.

      1. Oh I know. Thats what makes me roll my eyes that much.

        Glock will always be disqualified from our military trials because they lack the external safety. Until they meet that basic requirement or it changes, its a waste of brain cells to even take up the argument.

        My vote is for Springfield.

        1. I always like to see Colt take it in the teeth over a military contract.

        2. I think Springfield has done fantastic in putting out one of the best off the shelf reliable 1911’s and are an incredible value when compared to other more expensive and less reliable makers like kimber.

  2. My guess as to why the MC Operator instead of the TRP, because the MC Operator was built to the specs requested of a 1911 when they first picked up the Kimber Warrior.

  3. Steel works every time over polimer. Age ,exposure to elements, cleaning solutions, extremes of heat/ cold, being dropped,abused and mistreated steel will still funtion when polimer may have been damaged. John M Browning wins again

        1. What is not being accounted for is the GI factor. Cleaning with improper solvents, getting dropped, getting things dropped on the weapon. I have seen older plastics that have broke down, become brittle with age. The USMC have the combat experience to go with what the KNOW works. Fads may pass ( the Resing or the 1941 Johnson) but the 1911 has passed both test of time and combat. I understand you are a gunsmith, but I have seen what troops have done to their weapons. The USMC needs steel!

  4. I wish they would have looked at SIG as that would be my choice. But perhaps they wanted to go with a US based company for their 1911.

    I think either the Colt RG or the SA offering would do admirably. Colt did a fine job with their RG. But I like them both so it really doesn’t matter to me which company gets the nod. Because the true winner will be our Marines.

  5. Having owned an MC Operator, I will say that it would be my first choice. I’m not sure what the deal is with Kimber. I think Kimber has made some really good guns in the past, but when our (USMC) top gunsmiths and match armorers tested them in Quantico, they found many problems and ended up sending then back and we passed on the contract. The most notable issue they mentioned was pitting in the metal and a general lack of crafamship and quality control. Hearing this first hand from Marines that I believe really know thier trade scares me. If the guns that are designed and made for the Marines to test were qualitatively inconsistent, I would be afraid to see what I might get if I were just buying one that rolled off the line.

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