Feeling Swampy

Packing the S&W M&P 9mm today.  I’ve been thinking about getting one in a .40, so to get a feel for it, I am packing my boy Kilo’s Swampy.
Everything good about the Glock is there in the M&P, but with a 1911 grip angle.  It feels good in the hand and handles more intuitively than either a Glock or 1911 for me.
I would absolutely have to change the trigger.  The stock Swampy trigger flat out sucks.  It feels sloppy and rotten. But with a little work, it does just fine. 
Still wish they did a mid sized gun, but I can live a full sized pistol.

10 thoughts on “Feeling Swampy”

  1. The trigger is what made me go Glock..I just plain shot the Glock better than the M&P due to the trigger squeeze…not to mention I could never tell exactly where it reset…. Otherwise, yes, the M&P does feel much better in the hand…

  2. Talk to Randy Lee at Apex Tactical. He’ll get your trigger fixed right up with simple, drop-in parts.

  3. M&P is a great gun, though I did sell mine (party out of want for a new, different range toy and partly because I eventually decided the trigger was inadequate). If you want a good trigger out of the box, S&W offers a “Pro-series” for a small price increase. If every M&P had a pro-series trigger you wouldn’t be hearing any complaints, I think.

  4. I shot in my first match last Tue using my daughter’s M&P9JG. It was the only suitable pistol in the house to use. I was surprised that I came out in the middle of the pack in the Production class. It really made me look good for a first timer. I see one in my future, but the trigger will have to have some work.

  5. Just get the Apex RAM and Hard Sear and you’re good to go. Easy to install, just watch their vids. These parts should be figured in w/ every M&P purchase.

  6. Havent looked back since getting my M&P9. Got it as a knockaround everyday pistol so I wouldnt feel bad for treating a sig thataway, and lo and behold it kept up with it. With the apex hard sear, it beats em! It’s almost as good as mt dad’s 1911… Now I want a .45 or two and a pro-series in .357sig, lol.

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