Springfield’s XD .45 Tactical

The other day I was shooting with The Fellas, and my buddy gave me a loaded magazine and an empty pistol.  The XD Tactical in .45.  He had stippled the gun the same way I did my Glock… and I have to say that it really improved the feel.  I also have to say that the pistol shot extremely well and was uncannily accurate.  This was the old XD model, not a newer M class.  But in the .45 guns, there’s not a lot of difference.  Same Mags, same cold hammer forged barrels… the M triggers are nicer, and of course, the outside cosmetics.  But I don’t like the way the M’s feel slippery in my hands.  Some texturing work fixes that real easy.
Now, I respect the XD’s and know they are all very good guns… but I’m not particularly fond of them.  This one though… I like it.  The XDM’s I think are a bit better and I like them more.  If anyone out there are thinking of getting an M model… it is a good buy.  Especially the long barreled versions if you are looking for an accurate, easy gun to shoot, with a lot of capacity.
While I’m not going to line up to buy one… if any of The Horde does, it would be a good choice.

15 thoughts on “Springfield’s XD .45 Tactical”

  1. I own an original XD service in .45, 9mm service, and 9mm compact. I can’t find anything wrong with them. They are far more accurate than I, eat almost everything I feed them, and just keep running. I’m currently talking to, and have nearly convinced, a coworker to purchase one.

    Are they pretty? No, probably not. But then, if I have to show you my firearm, we’re not going to talk about it’s looks. The negotiations are over at that point.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Someone who doesn’t know better might get the impression you’re a pistol slut. Unhappy with SIG or 1911 monogamy, you step out with the Glock. Now every high-quality, accurate, sweet little thing turns your head. I think you have a sickness ;-).

  3. I got my XD45 Tactical 2 years ago. I love this gun! As you found out it’s accurate and reliable. I carry this gun alternately with a compact 1911 style gun. Who can argue with a reliable accurate 45 with 13 rounds in the mag? Now a full load for carry is a little heavy. The XD gear has a 2 mag carrier. So on the strong side a large gun and 14 rounds on the opposite side 2 mags with 26 rounds total. with my size I can carry this rig concealed in the XD gear holster set. As you said it’s a great gun for any of the horde.

  4. I live in the soviet socialist republic of New York (upstate, not the gulag city). Do they sell a version with a non-evil 10 round mag? An 11 round mag is super duper double plus illegal here. A guy with a pistol which carries 11 rounds is super awful, but a guy with 50 10 round magazines is super ok.

    1. Easier said than done, but I’d move. I’ve been fighting the anti-gun lobby for years here in MN and we finally got it turned around to carry permits ago.

      We are now fighting for a castle doctrine type law which is before the finance committee as I speak. The law also allows permits from all other states and gives us reciprocity with those other permit states which will be fantastic.

      Wisconsin just passed their first permit law the beginning of the year so now I can stay loaded when I pickup my son at UWRF. It is legal to carry on campus so long as they don’t know you are carrying. If campus security asks you to leave you have to obey but it’s not a crime. UWRF faculty’s panties are all in a bunch over it and are advising students not to carry and to report students they do see carrying so they can kick them off campus.

      Good luck with the fight pard…

  5. I have the service model XD ( old style ) in .45 and a 9mm Tactical with the long barrel ( also old style ). Been pretty happy with them both. They are not picky eaters and I have had no failure with either pistol using factory ammo. A batch of brand x reloads gave the .45 a couple of hiccups but I believe those were ammo related. When I switched back to factory fodder it resumed its monotonous reliability. I agree with your assessment of the grip – mine would probably be better with stippling but being the cheapskate that I am I went with a Hogue grip sleeve slightly altered to clear the grip safety. The 9mm is just about perfect as the recoil is so negligible it doesn’t shift much in my hand. Both guns share a preference for heavy bullets. The .45 is at its best with 200gr or 230gr and +p is as accurate as standard pressure. The 9mm likes 125gr or 147gr and +p is no problem with it either.

    Am I a fanboi? Not necessarily, I just know what works. Happy shooting y’all

  6. I’m sure you all (I’m in the south) have seen the latest model in .45 caliber of the XDS- I’m liking what I see! OK round count is low but… very slim 1/2″ thinner than my P220!

  7. I have the XD45 Tactical. It was the pistol that got me started in holstermaking, because I couldn’t find a leather holster I liked for it.

    I love the XD45, with only two complaints: It’s got the LONGEST trigger reset I’ve ever encountered, and it won’t function with my beloved 200gr LSWC reloads. RNL? No problem. LSWC? Jammamatic. And I think they’re catching on the MAGAZINE, not the feed ramp….

    1. Yeah. There are lots of lists of firearms, showing various specs (lenght, weight, trigger pull, etc. etc.), but I’ve never seen a good list that includes trigger reset, and that’s such a huge factor…

      Most reviews will measure trigger weight, but few even mention reset, let along measure it.

  8. Any thoughts on the competition model? I’ve been in the market for a full size high cap 45 for a while and XD + 5.25 barrel + adjustable sights looks attractive.

  9. You sold me my .45 XDM a year ago. It has been excellent for me. It just keeps on spitting out the shells. With the Adam’s holster and mag carrier, it is wonderful to wear and conceal in the winter, even for my 160#s. Makes up for the guilt in spending the dollars, both for the .45 and the holster. The Wilderness Instructor belt from Dillon makes the perfect combo with Adam’s holster/mag carrier. The belt is so important. Thanks again for leading me in the right direction to fill my needs. Love the ease of breakdown for cleaning, man is it more than nice!

  10. Welcome to the club Ogre. To me it’s not surprising that I shoot better with my XD sub-compact than I do with my Glock 22…it’s because XDs are awesome.

  11. I love my XD Service original in .357 sig. Going to buy two new Barsto barrels with my tax return money. One in .40 and the other in 9mm so I have choices.

    I will have to get five 9mm mags for the 9mm barrel for the range. That will make for some cheaper reloads for my budget.

    Stipple the grip is easy with a soldering iron and a must. You can also buy an after market seer from Brownells which makes the trigger break even sweeter.

    I like the X-Factor shoulder carry system for winter carry. Sits under the jacket or dress coat for that matter, without issue, then detaches with a snap so I can slide it into my Maxpedition Monsoon carry holster after I’m at work. When I leave work, I snap it back on my shoulder rig and I’m off.

    The X-Factor rig sits under the shirt so nobody can tell you are wearing a shoulder rig. Looks pretty bitchin’ for carry when you see the holsterd XD on the outside of the shirt with no visible shoulder rig (under the shirt). You have to wear a tee under your dress shirt for it to be comfortable.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind owning a Glock at all. They just carry better for a side arm belt option. To me, a belt carry XD is like walking around with a brick with the blocky handgrip.

    Maybe I should sand it down and re-stipple it.

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