Why Compete?

Not very long ago the topic of Competition was a heated one.

GUNS Magazine answered it very well.

“Why do Defensive Handgun Owners Compete?  For the same reason Professional Fighters spar.”

4 thoughts on “Why Compete?”

  1. Competing is a good reality check and can show you where you really stand. Many people talk a big game but what they can actually do is completely different.

  2. Yeah, not sure if I’m ready to eat a small amount of crow. I still think “I’m serious” but regardless, I’m going to start doing some plate shoots at my LSR. It’s every other Tuesday. Only $20.

    Looking forward to it!

    And Thanks George. Regardless of how you put it, competing is only going to help me. And it looks like fun too. 🙂

  3. Competing
    -is fun
    -introduces shooters to shooting/functioning under a mild amount of stress
    -helps build dynamic shooting skills
    -builds experience with gun handling in a safe, supervised way where any unsafe practices will be id’d and corrected by an SO
    -is much less expensive per day than training classes

    Competition shouldn’t be a replacement for training, it’s just a very cost-effective and fun adjunct to training.

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