It’s only Feb 2nd.

Today was a great day… Here we are in the second day of the second month in North Eastern Utah… Dead of Winter.  Snow is usually measured in Feet…

And today I rode my motorcycle, got my first Prairie Dog Kill of the year, and had a Pelican Burger.  Awesome Day.

The ride was just a couple miles at the most… from where my Bike was parked to the Shop where it’s getting a new chain and tire and some general servicing.  The rear tire is completely bald and squared off from all the miles I put on it last year… starting out with a brand spanking new set of tires.   That’s a lot of miles.  I hope to put on a lot more this year.

While at Beers Harley Davidson, I took a look at some of the bikes for sale.  The Honda Fury is still there.  Give me a million bucks and my first Splurge Purchase would be that.  But there was a Harley there that caught my eye too.  One I’ve never seen before but is evidently old hat to a lot of people… The XR1200X.  It’s a classic Harley, but set up as a Standard and not a Cruiser or Touring bike.  But it has something the other Harley’s don’t.  Lean Angle.  I don’t know why… I can’t explain it… But I really really like that bike.  To the point that I want one.  It’s about the same price as the Honda Fury, or close enough so that price doesn’t matter.  But it looks like the XR1200X would be a better Daily Driver.

The Prairie Dog kill was fun.  Fenris and I just kinda rolled around one of our desert areas.  He got the first one of the year.  Then the next two.  Then I finally got one myself.  About a 60 yard thump with my Savage 93R17, Killswitch.  I would have had more, but the magazine self destructed.  The feedlips decided to go in two different directions.  This turned Killswitch into one of the worlds most awkward single shot rifle.   I need a new magazine, and I need to put it on paper and get it fine tuned adjusted again.

The Pelican Lake Cafe remains awesome.  I had an Ouray Burger there… which is two thin patties stuffed with onions and cheese… filling the burger full of flavor.  It was very good.

All in all… a very satisfying day.  And it’s only Feb 2nd.  This is shaping up to be a great year.

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  1. Yeah, we’ve been having some great days here in Texas. We’ve had highs of about 70 all week. I’m just afraid of what it means for this summer. Last summer was bad enough and we were having highs in the 30s at this time last year.

  2. Well, good on ya mate. I would love to ride a moto over to work and back everyday but in Dallas a man would end up squished and daid. I drive a beater F150 because the nitwits that see me coming (few, indeed, because most are too busy sexting or doing their nails) take one look at my truck and figure yeah, I’d bump fenders with them and laugh about it.

    And I would.

    Get yer new tires on the road if that melts yer butter. Have fun, but keep yer head on a swivel and stay safe bro. And kill a few more of them pesky rodents, they just squirrels from another mother anywho.

  3. Same thing here in TX….minus the snow, it’s usually cold as hell here this time of year…….that being said, Wednesday I took a cute blonde on a 30 mile Harley ride to get dinner, then 30 miles back to watch a movie (Contraband). Loving the weather, but I’m curious as to whether or not we’re gonna get nailed like last year…..we got snowed in for a week last year, in the second week of February.

  4. It got up to 40 here yesterday. Spent the afternoon clearing the drive, got most of it scraped down to pavement. Was going to go shooting today if the weather held, so of course we got a foot of snow.

  5. Dude- you are in Utah- freaking beautiful Utah- back road dirt road adventure riding paradise- go get yourself a nice big dualsport like a KTM990 or something- and go over to the Adventure rider site and look around- Utah-adventure bike-these words go together like apple and pie.

  6. Good for you George. You deserved it!!

    Me? The weather worries me. My trees are trying to bud and flower. If everything comes up early and we have a cold snap, food prices will suffer, as will my garden. Still- I’ll take t-shirt weather any time I can get it.

  7. I will be pulling my moto out of winter storage. I killed the TJ due to previous owner’s shady business practices. It will be down for a while for two axle rebuilds. Since I will be taking the moto out, it will snow around here I bet.

  8. I read that and thought Pelican burger? Man you’d have to shoot a wad of them to get enough meet to feed a crowd.

    Sounds like you’re having fun, snow and all.

  9. No snow here in MN this year and winter is 2/3rds done! I’ve only had to blow out the driveway twice and that could have easily been done with a shovel both times. I did shovel on one snowfall for a total of three, but the pull rope on the blower broke and I was too lazy to repair it. It’s fixed now. I figured the snow was afraid of my 8hp Tecumseh so I repaired that bitch the next day to keep mother nature at bay.

    I was rewarded with a record size solar flare that has given us 5 glorious days of +40 weather that has completely melted all snow.

    Definately scooter weather but the riders here in MN are pussies. If I still had mine I would have been riding all week. I need another scooter badly.

    Global warming? Bring it!

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