The New Winchester SXP’s

The new Winchester SXP Pump Action shotguns came in to the shop.  The Black Shadows. Retailing at 349.99 for the 2 3/4″ and 399.99 for the 3.5″ guns.  I’m pretty much a real jaded guy when it comes to new guns… Theses SXP’s have impressed me.  I like the simple, but modern look.  I like the feel.  It has a grippy texture, light weight, and has a good balance. I don’t know if I like them better than an my beloved 870’s… but if I was in the market for a new Goose Cannon, I’d give these new Winchesters a good hard look.  If I wasn’t such an 870 Fanboy, buying a pump action shotgun for the first time – This would probably be it.  But I’m not into Goose Cannons, so these long tubed guns don’t interest me enough to get into them… but they are close.

I am really interested in the Black Shadow Deer version as a dedicated Slugger.  But give me the same gun with an extended feed tube, please.    Speaking of a different version… can I get that gun with an 18″ smooth bore with an extended magazine?  I’ll take one.

9 thoughts on “The New Winchester SXP’s”

  1. They do show an 18″ barrel “Defender” model at the link, but it’s only five rounds +1. Heck, my old 1300 Defender is seven +1.

  2. Not impressed with Winchester shotguns at all. Had a 1300 that flung it’s own sights off three different slug barrels. A real let down from that brand.

  3. Well, as I told a friend of mine, you can get x brand or model of shotgun. Or, you can get a Mossberg 500/Remington 870. Keep in mind, if you want any sort of after market part or modifications for the shotgun, it will be easier with a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870. Is the fancy new model enough of an improvement to ignore the aftermarket support that the 500 and 870 have?

  4. Checking the armory here at the compound, I find that a “house” shotgun is sorely lacking. I’ve been back into the Ogre archives, as I thought I recalled some mention and videos of some sweet auto-loader. Ah, the Mossberg 930! Any feedback on the newer models? How’s the stock level at Basin Sports?

      1. Great! Be in touch as soon as I get 6 trees felled and cleaned up. That put a dent in the budget. This TX drought has been hell on the trees.

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