13 thoughts on “Possible TV Show”

  1. George… I have been watching a few of the shows on Discovery and NatGeo this weekend.
    If you guys dont get picked up, those guys are idiots.
    I mean seriously… Swamp People… American Stuffers…
    Cool guys who know WTF is up and can take care of business?
    I would watch that every day.


  2. Fingers crossed? Hell how about I send up some “Knee Mail” for something decent on TV from people with all their teeth?

  3. Please God…nothing like “Danger Pawn” or anything questionable. I know that Joe & George are smart and savvy so don’t let anyone pull the ‘ole switcheroo and eagle eye any contract.

  4. Reality TV isn’t there to make the people look like stars. They are being filmed for our entertainment………..Good luck, but be careful.

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