Slipstream Styx just blew me away.

I’ve said it before… Slipstream never fails to impress me.  I’ve been running my Glock 23 on a diet of Slipstream since I first got it.  About the time of the Gun Dude’s hosting of the MAG-40 class, I stopped oiling it.  Didn’t need it anymore.  Hasn’t needed it since.

Well, Gundoc sent me a bottle of each.  The regular Slipstream Oil, and a bottle of the new Slipstream Styx.  Just for fun, on a whim, I decided to slap a little Styx in my good old Glock 23.  Holy crap!  Smooth doesn’t describe this… It’s… it’s… creamy.   I don’t know how to describe this… I’ve never felt a Glock like this before. Beretta’s, yes.  Custom 1911’s, yes.  This is next level Glock slickness right there.

9 thoughts on “Slipstream Styx just blew me away.”

  1. I had been using the standard Slipstream on my leadslingers, and Joe sent me some Styx.
    Yea.. just WOW.
    I wrote him and told him that I knew it had improved corrosion resistance, but it felt like a decent step up from the standard stuff in lubrication.
    I got a wink, a smirk, and confirmation of that.
    I knew Crusader had a top notch product, I didnt figure on an improvement… especially of that magnitude.


  2. What size containers does Slipstream come in? I was looking on the site, but it doesn’t list how much you get when you order…

    Also, any plans to do a combo-pack with Styx and the grease, like you can do with the regular Slipstream?

  3. Well I used the original stuff on three pistols. I’ve let one pistol go for about three months without even field stripping and oiling. I thought is was a bit dry until started handling it. In about three months I need to buy the Styx so I can use it on a “new” weapon that I’ve got in layaway. If it protects against corrosion as well as it lubes, it will save me money. I won’t feel the need to get a high dollar coating job on it.

  4. I haven’t tried the Styx, but I have had great results from the “regular?” slipstream oil and grease. Made a Kel-Tec behave like a different weapon and it gave a M500 the feel of a real polish job. Interesting stuff.

  5. I’m glad I drug my feet on getting my Slipstream order in. After some dancing around with PayPal, Joe got my bottle of Styx and jar of grease out to me this week. All the superlatives I’ve heard about Slipstream apply here, too. My Sig C3 now “snicks” and my WASR-10 sounds like a different machine. I’m in the process of Dura-Coat’ing my Marlin 336 and have done a little polishing on the obvious metal-on-metal parts. Can’t wait to get it put back together after a generous dose of Slipstream stuff on the all internals.

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