The M&P 9 is perfect? has an interesting article about the S&W M&P.  The thesis however is something I am scratching my head about.  I have an M&P just like the one shown.  It’s a good pistol.  I like it.  But I like Glock Gen 3’s better.  The M&P certainly looks cooler.  And it’s accurate and reliable.  But out of the box, Glock is accurate too but the Glock also has a much better stock trigger.  You can shoot the Glock very well as it comes out of the box.

Here’s the thing though.  The Gen 4 Glocks… I’d rather have the M&P.  I don’t know why… specifically… but I’m just not a fan of the Gen 4 series and if I have to replace my Gen 3 RTF2 23, I’d opt for an M&P. Maybe my opinion of the Gen 4 will change, but I had a Gen 4 22 and I just didn’t dig the way it shot.  Maybe that was just me.    But right now, I’d rather have an M&P instead of a Gen 4.

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    1. I agree, I have owned a Glock 17 (M&P9’s clone 🙂 ) and have recently made the switch to my M&P9. It isn’t really an argument as to which is better so much as which suits you more. Glocks are to “blocky” for me. Too many squared edges, almost impossibe to conceal. And the handgrips, don’t get me started on how bulky and uncomfortable they are :/. Both are GREAT shooting pistols and very reliable, just the M&P is more ergonomic (for me).

  1. I have and carry both Gen 3 glocks and M&Ps. I cannot see the glock as having a better trigger out of the box. Granted, it’s preference. But I don’t see it.

  2. I had never really considered the M&P because I hate the trigger, but now I REALLY want one and I want to love it, but unfortunately they don’t make the one I want.

    I want a mid-sized M&P (15rds) with an Apex trigger, I call it the Goldilocks gun.

    1. That is EXACTLY what I was wanting too. And I went with a 23… because Smith doesn’t make a Mid Size. Well, they did – but it was in .45. Their argument is that the Sub Compact is close in size to the Glock 19/23. Close, but it’s still not the size I wanted.
      And the way the M&P is made… You can’t get a full size and cut the grip down like you can with a Glock.

  3. I think both the M&P and Glock Gen3 are great guns (no Gen4 experience), and if those were my only choices the M&P fits my hand much better. But my favorite polymer pistol is the Walther PPQ. Roughly the same size as a Glock 19/23, amazing grip and amazing trigger. For me, it’s very nearly perfect.

  4. I’ve got 3 glocks and carry them every day, solid, reliable awesome.

    The factory sights suck great big rocks up off the ground.

    Nite sights or even just any 3 dot sights are a required upgrade for the gun to be useable IMHO.

  5. I am going to have to shoot one. I’ve never really even held one. But it would have to be something special to dethrone the USP in my mind. I just bought a P30l with the LEM like my USPc, and while it’s growing on me with the cool erg’s and styling, it just isn’t the beast that a USP is. Well, more accurately, the light LEM trigger is just not as nice as the USP in light LEM.

  6. My agency just switched over to the Gen4 Glock 22 (from the Gen3, which I bought mine…..and ground down those finger grooves, BTW, Raub).

    I don’t much like the Gen4. Feels……bumpy. And I’m not talking so much about how it feels in the hand, as how it feels when you fire it. Pretty sure it’s that new recoil spring assembly…..and I hate it.

  7. M&P9 replaced my 226 as my carry gun…and it suprised me by keeping up with the Sig. With the Apex trigger I think I might even prefer it.

  8. Everyone I talk to talks about putting an Aex trigger in their M&P.
    Look, if the gun is not ready to go out of the box, then don’t buy it. The last thing I want to do is buy a new gun and feel as if I have to automatically start replacing the guts……It makes no sense. Guns aren’t Barbie dolls, they don’t need to be automatically accessorized, don’t Barbie-up, go buy a better gun.

    1. Stock M&P triggers are just fine the way they are. That being said, I don’t understand why you take issue with someone upgrading one of their guns in order to fulfill their needs better. I guess we should all leave our AR-15s with iron sights and in the traditional A2 configuration. After all, we wouldn’t want to “Barbie them up.”

  9. Ogre, you probably like the Gen3 Glocks over the Gen4 for the same reason I prefer it the other way around. When I picked up any Glock before Gen4, it didn’t point naturally for me. I was always aiming high with my standard grip. I had to concentrate hard not to naturally point it high when draw-aiming. In YOUR hand, you probably do it just fine with Gen3s, whereas I needed the altered grip profile of the Gen4 for me to consider one as an option for me.

    Another plus for me on the Gen4 is the enlarged magazine release. With the Gen3 grip and smaller release, I couldn’t operate the pistol comfortably.

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