6 thoughts on “This is why I love the .17HMR”

    1. Jesse in the emergency room after being shot by a .17HMR:

      Doctor: Are you allergic to anything?

      Jesse Main: Yeah, bullets!

  1. I had a Marlin 17VS with a cheap 3×9 Simmons on it that would group 17gr TNTs 10 under a dime at 100 yards all day long. Accuracy was such that my $300 combination made my older brother’s 10/22 target with a 40mm 3×9 Leupold on it look like it came out of a Cracker Jack Box! Performance was otherworldly. In extreme South Texas we can spotlight hunt varmints and rabbits if we notify the gamewarden of our intent. Under the truck headlights, at 80 yards, nothing from the ears forward would remain. Body shots were a different story- if you screwed up and hit the bunny in the body, the TNT would not exit, but would liquify the viscera into a foul smelling brew the consistency and color of a chocolate malt, that left the animal unsalvageable. Unfortunately that was one of the weapons I was forced to sell during my divorce. Incidentally the nearby pawnshop has an identical rifle wearing a 40mm 2×12 Nikon Prostaff for $400. Seriously considering it.

    1. My divorce cost me $130 grand and I managed to hang on to all my guns.

      Not that I didn’t almost pull the trigger and sell them mind you, but she got everything else except my kids and my guns.

      That’s why it cost so much. She was gunning for sole custody and her sister had deep pockets.


      Had she succeded, you might as well rip my heart from my chest. My kids and me are inseperable. Keeping all my guns was just a bonus. 14 mor months and I will be debt free.

  2. I was thinking about that round in a “micro” gas operated M4gery or AK since straight blow back semi-autos can’t seem to handle it. Make make an interesting inside the dwelling defense gun since you would have a lot of worry about over penetration.”””’Oh crap another toy I wouldn’t be able to afford.

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