Working on 2012 Crusader Training

For the 2012 Crusader Weaponry Training Schedule, I am thinking I want to break up the general “Tactical Carbine” courses.  What do you guys think about having platform focused classes?  AR, AK, Lever, and Bolt. Other platforms could come to the AR or AK course depending on the similarities.  (This also means I need a good AK and we’ll have to develop a Crusader Kalash Package)

We’re also going to go into greater focus on the Shotgun.  More work on actual slug accuracy, and use of them for barrier penetration. Advanced Shotgunning.

I’m also thinking about offering Force on Force, Patrol Techniques, Assault and Ambush. Mounted and Dismounted.  Firing from Vehicles, Moving and Stationary.   We will also use Guest Instructors.  These classes will have some more stringent requirements, meaning that we will only let in students that mean certain requirements.  Citizens of US or strong Allied Nations, clean background.   We are not going to train anyone if we have any doubt about their character or intent.


14 thoughts on “Working on 2012 Crusader Training”

  1. I have been waiting for us to be able to do the more advanced courses for 2 years now. I’m just giddy to read George ready to move to that point.

  2. When you figure out a schedule, I will have to look into scheduling some time off.
    There are a couple of those I am highly interested in.


  3. It would be great to see someone push the shotgun to it’s full potential. That of a devastating assault weapon.
    If one thinks of a hostile human as dangerous game, the 12 gauge slug makes a ruckload of sense.

  4. Different courses for AK, AR and a general carbine course sounds great. Of course, that means I’ll have to pony up for three courses (at least). [Oh well. The Social Security cost-of-living increase should cover it nicely. BWAHAHAhahahahaha! 😉 ]

  5. Are you going to be throwing in any Hogan’s alley shoot don’t shoot targeting?
    As a side note: Some Swat teams seem to be getting over used. What is your take on that?

  6. I’d prefer not separating platforms. Before the carbine/shotgun class I just took I’d have said the opposite, but I learned a lot from the diversity of what people brought. This helped me both as a student and as a beginning instructor: I was exposed to issues & approaches of using these platforms and teaching a group of people all trying to accomplish the same goal with different weapons, and I found that valuable on both sides.

    The new courses you’re thinking about all sound good enough to travel from out of state to attend.

    1. The reason for the Focus course is actually a pretty basic course as the first part if the class starts out with stripping, cleaning, lubrication. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of the AR or AK.
      The normal tactical carbine courses I like for the same reasons… Students can bring whatever they like, and its fun for them and us.

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