GOP Debate Scoring

How are we supposed to scoring these debates? Is it like a World Series and we count total wins? Or is it like NASCAR and we count total points over the season?  I mean, what are we supposed to do with all these, and how many are there going to be?  Because unless there is some point… I’m sick of them already.

7 thoughts on “GOP Debate Scoring”

  1. I’ve noticed that the scoring of the debate varies an a bit too much according partisan prejudices more so than I’ve seen in the past.
    I think the debates have done more to expose media ineptitude than that of the candidates.
    I’m starting too think there may be some surprises happening when the actual primaries elections start.
    I’ve gotten were I’ll turn them off then read transcripts later, it goes faster and is less irritating. It gives one more time to read a good book (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

  2. Here is how it’s scored.

    We will get another RINO just like Bush Jr. The MSM picks our candidates for us.

    Doesn’t matter anyway who the next President is. We are broke with no possible way to pay it back.

    Next President presides over a bankrupt economy. EU bond market is imploding the past three weeks and the Euro is on death watch. Contagion is spreading fast and will soon leap the pond to our shores. Form DFL New Jersey Gov and disgraced CEO Jon Corzine’s MF Global just went tits up with no bailout. Jeffries is next then Bank of America, followed by JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Citi Financial.

    Only three solutions. Default, print thus hyperinflation, or War. The powers that be (banks) will not default. They won’t print because hyperinflation devistates their corrupt ponzi income stream.

    They choose war to keep their wealth, then they get to fund both warring parties as they have done throughout history.

    Obama’s masters (bankers) are telling him to go to war, and so he is preparing a unilateral invasion on Iran using nukes as his excuse, and another unilateral no-fly zone over Syria, just like Libya.

    Problem, Russia just threw down the guantlet last night warning the Kenyan to keep the fuck out of everyones business and has moved war ships into the gulf and is preparing to take down our missile defense sheild.

    China has Russia’s back and is furious with the USA intervention. Both Russia and China have interests in those two countries and have told the Kenyan to stay the fuck out.

    We are going to war. TPTB have decided and more US Troops will die has a result.

    Did I mention we are broke and can’t afford a war of this scale unless it is on our own soil? China and Russia know this and the BRIC’s are well under way in replacing the $USD reserve currency status.

    The elections really don’t matter with useless $1.2 trillion budget cuts when we are over $15 trillion in debt and the interest payments are over 90% of GDP.

    Honestly, which candidate has said anything about a serious over-haul of the U.S. debt?

    Only one. And he is no where on the radar.

    Stock up and prepare, it’s going to be a long rough ride for the next decade.

    1. Well one candidate has mentioned overhauling the full US economic situation, and Ogre’s probably sick of me bring him up, but it was Ron Paul.

      1. His ideology is fine in a lot of areas… but his band needs a new Front Man. And one that understands Foreign Policy better.

  3. i can remember the last presidential election and it’s primaries, and newt complaining it was run like a game show. now it looks more like a game show than ever and he is one of the contestants. guess he decided to put his complaints aside this time around.

  4. On my more cynical days, I can’t help but think that the only way things will ever get better is when we rebuild our nation after it falls apart….

    Obama 2012!!!!


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