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Illuminated Reticle Scopes?

I was asked about options for Illuminated scopes.
There are a lot of them out there… Burris, Leupold, Vortex. And they are all just fine. The Vortex Crossfire Illuminated with a MilDot, can be had for only 200 bucks. But it’s not my favorite by any means.

The one I really like is the Trijicon Accupoint. No batteries, no switches, and very clear “Zeiss-Like” glass, which is critical. You need a illuminated reticle when it’s dark out… and when it’s dark out, you need to transmit as much light as possible. The Accupoint does that. And that’s why it’s my recommendation.



  1. Curtis's Gravatar Curtis

    I have an Accupoint1-4 with a green triangle on my RRA AR 15. It is the best all around optic that I have used.

  2. LouisCQ's Gravatar LouisCQ

    I’m tossing up getting either an Accupoint, leupold VX-R patrol, or a Vortex viper PST MOA for my next build. I like the features of all three but the Trijicon is running a big lead for just the reasons you mentioned.

  3. P.O'Brian's Gravatar P.O'Brian

    Hello, again. Yes , there ARE a lot out there. Best approach is to be realistic about what you need, and why you need it. For me, I frequently want better contrast between “crosshairs” and target- and if I don’t have it switched on- well, make do if there’s no time. Accupoint is a great option when extreme magnification is not needed ( which should be most of the time unless you always shoot at LONG range or something akin to Class F , even if just for fun ).

  4. Matt's Gravatar Matt

    I love the trijicons. The vortex vipers apparently have better glass than the trijicon but I just can’t get over the short battery life of all the illuminated 1-4’s. Maybe one day they will get them in the realm of the aimpoints.

    So when I end up getting a 1-4, it’ll be a trijicon. I love the ACOGs, but they are just too expensive for what they are.

    I’m planning on getting a trijicon RMR/ to mount to my m&p slide after I get it machined for it and will add a streamlight. I think that will be some sexy kit right there.

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