ST-1 Treatment on an 870.


My 870 Tactical is now sporting Crusader’s ST-1 Treatment.  We blasted Slipstream into the bolt mechanism, carrier and plate.  The action bars were carefully stoned, polished, and then oiled with Slipstream.  The results were dramatic. The Tactical now practically cycles its self like an assisted opening knife. It’s smoother than a Wingmaster or a BPS.

3 thoughts on “ST-1 Treatment on an 870.”

  1. Please check for burrs or other defects on your ammo. I don’t wanna hear crap about bad lube when you get a failure to go bang-bang.

    All joking aside, that’s a serious looking piece.

  2. And what will be the price of the new shotgun “Crusader’s Edge” treatment? Available for Mossberg’s and Mavericks?

    1. Right now it all depends on what you want… Without using upgrade parts, 150 bucks. Then whatever parts you want. This is going to clean up and slick up your gun, and Cerakote it.

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