Favorite Carmageddon Moment.

I’ve posted about favorite car movies and chase scenes… But I’ve never brought up this one.

Now, I am not a huge fan of George Looney Clooney, but he does a great job in this film  “The Peacemaker”.  In this scene, we have a car chase up to the point that Clooney says “Screw This” and turns the table.  He stops running and then uses his big Merc as a warhammer and demolishes the two little Bimmers that are chasing him.  You almost feel sorry for the little guys.  Almost.


Nicole Kidman spends a lot of time showing off how good her bottom looks in slacks. Eh, pretty good actually. The rest of the movie is fun, but not to be taken seriously. Nicole’s character is the least believable out of all of them. Oh, I also like the scene when Clooney jumps from chopper into the truck. That’s good stuff.
So, what is your favorite Carmageddon Moment?

11 thoughts on “Favorite Carmageddon Moment.”

    1. Yes, yes, yes…. that’s a great chase. But that’s not CARMAGEDDON! (You have to say it in “MONSTER TRUCK SHOW ANNOUNCER VOICE”)

  1. My vote has to go to the chase scene from Ronin, but I love this one from Peacemaker. My dad and I highfived the first time we saw it.

  2. The end of “Smokey and the Bandit” when Reynolds thinks he’s caught and Jerry Reed(Snowman) says something along the lines of “Maybe it’s time I introduced myself”. Followed by smashing a semi loaded with bootleg beer through several cop cars.

  3. The French Connection
    Gone in 60 seconds (The chases in the remake were pretty good to)

  4. Actually, that would be exactly what you would want to do. Ram the other car with the end of your car without the easily damaged radiator. If you slam someone with the rear fender, worst you’re doing is twisting the frame and MAYBE losing the real axle. If it’s front wheel drive, no problem. Minus the huge explosion at the end, fairly accurate.

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