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First off, WTA Staffer “Khorne” has started his newest book (he has a ton of them) in the R&R/Creative Writing section. It’s untitled at the moment… it’s the thread called “Historical/fantasy/horror“.

Next up.  Taurus has made a Max Brooks approved handgun.  The thing about zombies, is that they are little threat alone or in small groups. The first group, this gun could handle.  But gunshots attract even more Zeds.  And that’s where this gun would leave the owner up crap creek.  In short, Taurus has made a Zombie Gun that would be the last such gun you would want in case of Zombies.

In the Shotgun Section, Winchester’s new Blindside load has been called into question.  I shot this load at the Media Range Day at SHOT last January and was able to smoke more clays than I had ever been able to break before.  Local shooters have confirmed good results as well, save for one fell who reported similar results to Deathrider1579’s.  So it seems Blindside is a Love it or Leave it shell.  I think to play it safe, I’d stick with Federal’s BlackCloud.  Really, why would we need anything else for knocking feathers out of the sky?  I even suggest including it in your tactical kit to extend your shotshell reach.

There are a lot of gun forums out there… come check out WTA.

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  1. I used Federal’s Prairie Storm (3″ #6 shot I believe it was) with great success during last December’s Wounded Warrior Pheasant Tower Hunt. I was slamming the birds an extra 10 yards out and it was like I was using a baseball bat. Awesome stuff.

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