America’s Greatest Aircraft

There is one Aircraft that the US has that outshines all others. ┬áThere is a lot of gnashing of teeth over the loss of the F-22 program and the failings of the F-35 program… we’ve retired the F-15 and F-14’s…

But we still have these… and they work harder and pull more duties than any other aircraft we have.

The Herc.

God Bless America.

8 thoughts on “America’s Greatest Aircraft”

  1. Amen Brother!

    The Herc made the Entebbe raid possible for the Israelis to pull off. The Entebbe raid cemented the Israelis as the number one “don’t fuck with me” country in the world.

  2. Page 4, second photo from left in top row…. Is that a Herc disguised as a Bone or a Bone that snuck in there becasue it wants to be a Herc ??

  3. My college roommate was M.I. and had the honor of witnessing the first AC-130 strike in ‘Nam.
    The affect it had, both physically and psychologically, on Charlie made for a quiet sector the next few months.
    Given its lifespan and weapons upgrades the AC-130 has to be second only to the B-52 for biggest bang for taxpayer buck.

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