Red Dot: Vortex vs Lucid

Had a question about the Lucid HD7.  Would I take it over a Vortex.  (Strikefire or SPARC)  Hands down I’d buy the Lucid.  Again.  Not a lot of people really know much about the Lucid.  It’s pretty new in the market still, but it’s a good solid unit that’s given no problems and shoots with astonishing accuracy.



12 thoughts on “Red Dot: Vortex vs Lucid”

    1. Due to battery type and run time… YES.
      I’m considering putting the Lucid back on my M4 and put the EOTECH up for sale.

      1. REALLY?… Wow. I’m gonna have to look into these, then. I’ve got an EOTech on my PS-90 and was thinking about getting one for my TROMIX Saiga-12. Think it’ll handle 12ga. ok?

  1. Another popular channel on youtube just recently reviewed the Lucid so I am not surprised people have been asking….got a XPS 2.0 on my AR and will keep it now that its paid for but may look into one of these for other uses….

  2. hey ogre listened to AAR last night and was the email to mark about this sight I absolutely love it and will put it up against any other red dot sight on the market. So any one thats been thinking about looking at this sight from a common shooter the Lucid HD7 is in my opinion a dang good buy and will keep its spot on my AR-15. happy shooting to all!

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