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I am going to be making a video of a rifle that is wearing a Counter Sniper scope.  Long story on this gun… that I’ll get into later… but I just want to talk about this scope.  I’ve had some questions about it in the past and another one recently.  So this is forcing me to get into this now.

This is flat out the worst scope I’ve ever seen.   The glass is murky.  The eye relief is extremely poor.  The eye box – how much you can move your eye around and still have a decent view – is tiny.  The Focus and the Parallax Focus are… well… you just can’t get the bloody thing to focus properly.  Put this all together and you have an optic that is just about completely useless.  I am not kidding, not exaggerating here, when I say that we have scopes for 39.99 that are much much better.  I am dead serious.  The owner would be better off with a cardboard tube from a Paper Towel Roll.

The Reticle is… oh man… how do you even explain it?  It’s like someone who has never fired a rifle before and just watched Anime about shooting designed “the most awesome shooting system ever!”   The reality is that it’s even more useless than the glass it’s in.  And some guys think a Horus reticle is busy.  Good hell… this is something else.  Oh, and it can turn blue.  That’s fantastic.  I thought BSA had the market on blue reticles.

I’m still trying to figure out what Bertrillium-Zantitium is… I’ve looked it up and the only places that mention it are Counter-Sniper’s own web site, and forums linking to that site asking WTF Bertrillium-Zantitium is.  I have no answers for you, I only suspect that it’s complete bullshit.  Much like everything else about these scopes.  Total bullshit.

Do not buy a Counter Sniper brand scope.  There are much better ways to blow your money.  If you don’t know what to buy for your Tactical Dollars – Buy a Pride and Fowler.  If you cant afford that, buy a Nikon.  If you can’t afford that, sell the rifle and get an 870 and practice kicking in doors.

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  1. Wow, I never thought the day would come when would stoop this low to even give this product line bandwith. George, you owe me my 3 minutes back.

    1. Sorry, brother… I had to put out the warning to those that don’t know. Such as the guy that ruined this Mosin Nagant by putting this turd on top of it.

      1. I don’t know why but for some reason The Sportsman Guide really pimps their “scope” line…and for big money, like over a grand. I found it really hilarious reading the ad in TSG for their 1-24 power (or something like that…or is it 1-12x) close range scope like the Hi-Lux CMR (my favorite, love mine BTW) and they want over 5 bills or something like that. That’s funny about the Bertrillium-Zantitium whoseawhatsit, hell I bet if you call the company they won’t even know.

  2. I have a Pine Ridge scope from Cabela’s that only cost about $150, and it’s working fine. Just has a simple crosshair. Not even illuminated. The only tacticool thing about it is the interchangeable turrets for different loads. Mine is currently wearing one for 150 grain .308, and while not PERFECT, it’s still MOA (that’s Minute Of A-Hole, not angle) out to at least 300 yards……beyond which my old eyes have difficulty picking out a target anyway….

  3. If you’re really on a budget and need a tacticool scope, it’s hard to beat the SWFA “super sniper” fixed power scopes. They really are built like tanks and have great repeatability with regard to turret adjustment.
    I picked up a PF 10×42 on your recommendation for a previous rifle and it worked perfect. Unfortunately I sold it with the rifle. I would go with another but, being out of my price range at this time, I’ll most likely go with a SS 10x.
    The Bushnell Elite 3200 10x, as well as the Vortex line get good reviews in the budget scope market as well.

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