Higher Capacity, Lighter Recoil

The biggest arguments for the 9mm are that the guns have higher capacity and they have less recoil, and this lets shooters hit more and faster.  Okay.  Let’s take that at face value.  So if that’s good, let’s take it to the next step.

Super High Capacity .32 Autos.

Why the hell not?  Even less felt recoil with even higher capacity!   I mean, hell, why shoot a zombie 5 times when you can hit him 9 times!  Imagine your Aim Fast Hit Fast scores!  Come on, don’t be a wuss… it’s all about SHOT PLACEMENT man.  You know that.

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  1. You are a truly evil man for throwing that turpentined cat into the laps of your readers.
    OK I’ll play the semi- auto version of CZ 32 acp. Scorpians for everybody.

  2. I would argue that the biggest argument for 9mm is that it’s cheaper to practice with making your shot placement that much better.

    And with modern defensive loads the terminal ballistics is comparable.

    Lighter recoil and higher capacity can be a benefit in a VERY small percentage of self-defense situations, but they aren’t the biggest argument for 9mm.

    .32 isn’t even in the realm of comparable terminal ballistics to 9mm/.40/.45.

  3. A friend has a FA Skorpian. You can empty the mag in one burst into a four-inch circle at 30 feet or so. Zero recoil and just about as much fun as you can have with a squirt gun. Now if only the ammo didn’t cost so much…

  4. Most important to me is functionality. You can get a para ordinance or Springfield XD M with extended magazine capacity in 40 or 45, but my main thing is reliability.

    Sure I would love to carry the full size Kimber everywhere, but I am 5’10 and 185. There isn’t a lot of bulk on me to hide the hardware. So I carry a Kahr PM40 because no matter how you rationalize it, 9mm is still for women and pansies.

    1. SAS and SEALS use it to good effect. But you can go ahead and call them “women and pansies” if you wish.

        1. I didn’t miss it. I simply took exception to that stale joke about 9mm being for women and panzies.

          1. (for some reason the link to reply is disabled so…)

            Whatever, Jason. Mas Ayoob would and probably does disagree with you. And yeah, methinks he’s just a LITTLE more qualified than you are on the subject.

  5. Must be a slow blog day to drag your gas can in here and start soaking us and flicking blue tips around…

  6. [cheek][tongue]The biggest argument for the .45 ACP is that the cartridge has higher stopping power, and this lets shooters hit harder. Okay. Let’s take that at face value. So if that’s good, let’s take it to the next step.

    .500 S&W.

    Why the hell not? Even more stopping power! I mean, hell, why shoot one zombie at a time when you can shoot through a dozen! Imagine the gigantic holes you’ll blow in things! Come on, don’t be a wuss… it’s all about SHEER POWER man. You know that.[/tongue][/cheek]

  7. I feel perfectley safe carrying my GLOCK 17 loaded with 20 Barnes DPX hollow points. I beleive that pistol can solve problems more efficentley than a M1911 model or most other pistols out there.

    Also, I practice. A LOT. Working at a gun range helps with this, but still, I would not shoot my handgun NEARLY as much if it were in .45 ACP and I had to pay that much for the ammo. My marksmanship would suffer, I would become less confident in my abilites, and generally speaking there is no reason for me to carry a .45 or a 10 or a .40. Although I own all of the above : )

  8. There is an old Massad Ayoob video out there in which he states that you can’t focus on just one factor in selecting a caliber for a handgun. If I recall correctly he listed about 5 that should be considered.
    It’s funny but I tolerate .45 acp in standard loads in a 1911 far better than I do 9mm Luger, I don’t much care for even the M-9 even. However if I had to carry for service use vs. personal protection I’d look at one of the plastic framed double stacks in .40 S & W. Due to the weather I’ve been carrying my 1911 Rock Island with a clip draw on it. A holster is better but the clip draw conceals a tad better.

  9. (enter sarcasm)
    Is there a new a hyper-velocity, super expanding, deep penetrating .32 auto bullet on the market?
    (exit sarcasm)

    I’ll stick to what’s been proven.

  10. “That new Kel-Tec .22 mag is a cute little squirt gun.”

    It holds thirty rounds so it should be a dream gun for the capacity junkie. I heard about an extended magazine that raises that the capacity to 50. Heck, with a testicle mag you could probably get over 200 rounds.

  11. The stats on this are debatable, but there are supposedly five calibers that will give you over 90% one-shot stop rates with the right ammo. Those are 9mm, .40S&W, .45acp, .357 mag, and .44 mag. Of those, 9mm has the highest capacity for size, lowest recoil, and cheapest and most available practice ammo, so you can afford to become a very good shot. Personally, nines tend to fit my hand better and I like the thought of having five good mozambiques in my Sig compared to a max of three in a 1911. YMMV.

  12. Anyone heard much about the .22 TCM from Armscor? Its apparently a necked down 9mm case with a 40 grain 22 pushing over 2100 feet from it…..just saying…and it fires from a modified 1911 chasis

  13. Hmmmm, who want’s to neck down a .40 S&W and what should it be necked down to? A .32-.40 S&W, 5mm? If you are going to needle someone…..

  14. heh. Love these classic gunnie debates. Especially on a Friday.

    Nice try G-man, but a false dichotomy. Value and utility aren’t linear functions. They’re parabolic curves. e.g. Taguchi Loss Function or the Laffer Curve. There is a point on either side of optimum utility of decreasing utility.

    1. Nope. Utility always slopes downward (although) technically utility is ordinal and has no slope, but apparently economists have an obsession with playing connect the dots.

      You’re thinking of total revenue (or even the production curve). The problem is those curves assume a uniformly sloping demand curve.

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