Game of Thrones

I’ve been reading George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones series.  As far as High Fantasy goes… I have to tell you, it is the best I’ve ever read.
The characters are well developed, believeable, and will do unexpected things. Trying to predict what will happen next is an unsuccessful effort.   What happens to the characters will have you shocked, cheering, or saying “you can’t do that!”
I understand its. TV series on HBO. I look forward to getting it on DVD dome day.

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  1. Fun show.

    The family rivalries and intrigue has a historical basis, with Martin drawing on the War of the Roses, for example, that makes it so believable.

  2. Afterwards, try Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series. Starts with “Gardens of the Moon”, but I think you’ll especially like “Chain of Dogs” (book 2).

  3. I’m almost halfway through the first book myself. Love it. The series is very close to the book so far but of course, because it’s HBO there’s a lot more sex and nudity. Which I’ve nothing against. I love the series and can’t wait for Season two in April.

  4. George, how far along are you in the series?

    I’ve finished all of the books, and I’m both in love with the series, and hate it with a passion. GRR Martin has a very nasty habit of killing off main characters with wild abandon. My other complaint is that some characters seem to just meander all over the “world” without really accomplishing anything. Others wander off, and you never hear from them again (at least so far).

    While I can appreciate the reality of life, in that sometimes people can set out on a journey and just disappear without resolution (Amelia Earhart, for example), you don’t really expect it from a novel.

    But I do enjoy the characters (as long as they stay alive) and I also enjoy the fact that your opinions of characters change over time as you delve deeper into their motivations and how their outlook changes as circumstances change. Jaime Lannister is a good example of someone you hate in the beginning, but as his life changes, you begin to see his own change in perspective. It’s especially pronounced for the people that have up until certain points lived fairly sheltered lives.

    I also especially enjoy how complex Martin has written people’s motivations without expressly spelling them out for the reader.

    It’s excellent reading. The HBO series won’t ever be able to really give such deep insights into the characters that the book does. It’s a great show and worth watching, though.

  5. Ogre,

    In book 3 you need to wait for Hodor’s bloody vengeance through the red keep as he avenges the deaths of the Starks. One word of advice, don’t get attached to certain characters like anyone with the last name Stark. They earn one bloody end after another.

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