The Declaration of Independence is illegal?

The Brits are saying once again that the Declaration of Independence is illegal.  They said this once before and ended up surrendering to us.  If they want to press the issue again…

It’s silly to press the argument, England.  Since you guys did surrender to us you recognized and legitimized us.  In fact, I’d say you guys should be paying taxes to us.

11 thoughts on “The Declaration of Independence is illegal?”

  1. England is now a country that had a major investigation over the fact that pub darts were being sold in the gift shop at governement house. This was seen as a major danger to the government members meeting at the palace. They are a lost cause and should not be considered in the civilzed world any longer..

  2. This is just some egg head lawyers from the US and Britain having a debate to see whose egg heads are bigger.

  3. Go see the South Park episode “The Snuke” for how they might try for a re-match… 🙂

  4. It was illegal. That is why there was a war. When you win a war, you get what you were fighting for. When you lose a war, you lose what you were fighting for.
    During WW2, the germans were fighting for world domination and extermination of lots of people. We were fighting to stop them. Their attacks were illegal. Ultimately, we got what we wanted (and the repair bill) and they didn’t get what they wanted.

    There is a saying: “to the victor, the spoils”

  5. If some british person told me that I still owed a tea tax to the royal family, the proper response is:

    What makes the green grass grow?

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