The Gun Dudes and Goatees

I think the Gun Dudes are just awesome… But they don’t have Goatees.  It’s a well known fact that Goatees make a man shoot better.  At the MAG-40 Class, Carl was trying to grow one out.  But he started too late so he only had a Proto-Goatee.  Which wasn’t enough to help him.  We hope he continues to grow it out.  He’d had out-shot Gail if he had a full power Goat going on.

Check out the latest Gun Dudes Podcast here:
What’s awesome about this one, is that they have a great interview with Joe Chetwood, aka “Gundoc”, and the head honcho of CRUSADER WEAPONRY. These guys are having too much fun, you can hear it. Listen to this show, you wont be disappointed!

6 thoughts on “The Gun Dudes and Goatees”

    1. Much like the great Philosopher Strongbad once opined… A Cold One that isn’t cold is hardly a One.
      Also, the Great Ape Scientist Cornelius said that humans look less intelligent without facial hair.
      I think all the Gun Dudes need to grow Goatees.

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