Another War?

It is being reported that the President is now sending “About a Hundred” US troops to Uganda.  This is great.  Because I was thinking we were running out of pointless wars… Iraq and Libya coming to ends, that would leave us with only one!  Afghanistan.  Now we don’t have to fret at all.  Military Advisers never gets us drawn in an escalation into a shooting war…

*looks at the history books and turns pages to Vietnam*

Never mind.

Uganda.  That’s great.  At least its not another shithole place like…

*looks at a Google Earth*

Never mind.

12 thoughts on “Another War?”

  1. Well a guy who writes for the blog World New Daily, (sometimes refereed to as Wing Nut Daily) Andrew Klein, says that George Soros has interest in the Oil Industry in that part of Africa, and Obama is doing the move as a payoff for Soros support.

    I’ve seen no secondary verification but it is so dang believable.

  2. No one has ever been able to give me a credible rationalization for our being in Afghanistan since we killed Bin Laden… in Pakistan. WHY ARE WE STILL THERE? Seriously… someone enlighten me!

  3. Because Bush was unwilling to nuke the two countries that supplied the 9-11 terrorists and the one country that sheltered their organization.

    Seriously. Nuking Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia would have sent a clear message to anyone else that lets terrorists recruit in their country.

    War over in 30 minutes. No TSA crap or other loss of liberties at home.

    The more I look back on all of this, the more I am convinced we were far too kind to these assholes.

  4. Ogre: we are still there because the Pakis are still sheltering AQ, and will allow them to own Afghanistan if we leave.

    Until Pakistan is subjected to a war dec, and nuked, this crap will continue.

  5. Ah yes, “nuke ’em.” In this way we can radicalize the vast majority of non-violent Muslims and truly set the world on fire.

    The death of Bin Laden was a perfect opportunity to leave A-Stan, but I guess Barry is hellbent on keeping us there. We could stay for a thousand years and AQ wouldn’t go away. We could try invading Pakistan. I’m sure that would go well….

    Or we could leave. Leave the Middle East altogether. Let them wallow in Sharia if that is what they really want. Let’s go home, spend that money on infrastructure and investment in future tech. Disband the useless TSA and dismantle the intrusive, ineffectual, Constitution-shredding security state we’ve built since 9/11

    The goal of terrorism since its inception in 1850s Russia by anarchist Sergei Nyechayev, has always been to provoke a gov’t overreaction. We’ve fallen right in to Bin Laden’s trap. Reduced civil liberties, trillions of dollars, thousands of dead, hundreds of thousands terribly maimed. We let Bin Laden change the way we live. We let Bin Laden change our country. We let him win.

    Get out. Now.

  6. So this the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s sixth war in three years. At this rate, if he somehow manages to win a second time, we’ll be fighting 16 wars by the end of his second term.

    Give peace a chance! Vote Obama!

  7. Harmon: And they can get nuked as well.

    Attacking the US should have consequences.


    The Japanese did it, and they got nuked. Islam is not so fucking precious that they should get a free pass when they ( and I do mean the collective “they” ) attack the United States.

    Take your “They might hate us!” pacifism and shove it.

    1. I’ll let your ignorance and warmongering stand for itself.

      I’m all for kicking ass to protect our interests. But the “War on Terror” is different. We’re fighting a war of ideas here. We have the superior idea, but the message gets lost in the renditions, bombs and dead civilians.

      You are gutless fool wants to let nineteen Arab murderers change the world.

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