Just what the Nation needs

Our Administration seems to really know how to screw things up.  When the economy is as shaky as it is…

They are going to start closing down power plants.    Brown-outs, higher costs, this is going to kick our nation in the sweets.  We need Power and Industry to keep our Nation moving and prospering.  This administration seems to want to strangle that.  If their goal is to ruin our country – they are doing a great job.

14 thoughts on “Just what the Nation needs”

  1. Ogre.. is it just me, or does it seem like the Administration actually WANTS to cause the zombie apocalypse? I mean seriously, they take away air conditioning and then tell us we still have to front the bill for them to take weeks of vacation. I don’t even get a vacation this year. I have my own bills to pay. Jerks.

  2. What is different between Obama’s administration and a ComIntern sleeper cell?
    Nope, can’t think of any either.

  3. Ogre,

    It IS this administration’s goal to destroy this country by fully transforming it into a european style socialist democracy. They are TRUE BELIVERS completely convinced of their own righteousness and have no concern for the collateral damage especially if that damage falls upon those who dare to disagree with/oppose them.

  4. In Texas we are have triple digit temperatures. If rolling black out start vulnerable people old or sick are going to die on top of economic damage. People will have to be sent home from some jobs.
    The Obama administration will be facing reprisals long before the 2012 elections.

    1. That’s what they want… culling the sick and feeble to lower cost on the health care system. Most sick and feeble don’t vote anyways, and it’s easier to vote them from the grave to boot.

  5. The thing is, this isn’t Europe or Britain. If you kill a redneck’s relatives the “feud” is on especially in a lot of the Western and Southern states.

  6. Not to mention that they’re selling SQUARE MILES at a time to China so they can build factories here and then import workers to soverign Chinese soil to produce goods at slave labor wages. The invasion has officially begun. Thats ok though, all of my guns are loaded.

  7. “Thats ok though, all of my guns are loaded”

    For what good it will do us.

    I use to think that myself until I realized all those high tech bombings by drones posted on youtube taking out the ragheads miles below could also be used on us. No need for police state or ground troups. (Oh, that will be tried at first, but after it fails, initiate Phase II)

    If it gets to the point of utter anarchy when SHTF, the .gov will pry your guns from your cold dead fingers and you will have never even fired a shot when you can’t shoot back at much less see your enemy.

    We will be a little red splash on the ground and that will be that. Welcome to Skynet.

    1. That is based on the following assumption: All the military will go along with wiping their butts with the Constitution (a la the Executive Branch) and attacking U.S. Citizens.

      I’m not buying that.

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