6 thoughts on “Huey gave us a good laugh…”

  1. Does the Fudd’s dog count as a weapon?
    What percentage of Fudd’s have a hip flask and do they share with the dog?

  2. Not very real!

    Fudd would only use an over and under shotgun.

    Mall Ninja would be restricted to airsoft because his mommy grounded him for getting a D in algebra.

    Laughed my ass off.

  3. Oh it was decades ago but I remember a story about a Fudd with an over and under who took down four out of six homies who followed him to his house making threats. He came out of the house and told them to get off his property and they didn’t take him and his over an under seriously. Bam, Bam, reload,Bam, Bam, and the unshot two took off leaving their bro’s behind them. I forget what size bird shot he used. At close range that stuff is nasty.

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