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I updated the Uprising Page.  New information there, and a possible new cover for Uprising UK.   I noticed that the big book sellers had a pricing war going on, Amazon had it for one price, then B&N had it for a lower price, so Amazon dropped it… now it’s only 12.20 from either company.  E-book prices are lower still of course.

Books for me to Autograph are in route and should be here soon for me to sign in blood… or just Red Ink… then I’ll ship them all back to the publisher for distribution.

I’ve been asked about Book Signings at the stores like Larry does.  Guys, Larry’s a freaking Author/Rockstar.  Not only do guys line up to get their books inked by the man, other Authors are begging him to Tag Team with him.  Larry walks the Earth with Large Strides.  Deservedly so.  He’s earned those Kudos the hard way.   Me?  I’m no “Larry Freaking Correia”.    Honestly, I don’t want the attention.  I tell you what… If you see me at the Range, and you want me to ink your book… I’d be happy to do so.    But don’t act like Larry’s fans… Girls pulling off their small clothes and throwing them at Larry… Guys pulling out their armor plates throwing them at Larry… No… Don’t do that.  Uprising is no great work of literature, it’s just a lark.  Now if you want to give me Ammo… by all means.

However I am putting much more effort into UK and it’s going to be a much better book on all counts.  As jazzed as I am for Uprising USA to be out there and people reading it and enjoying it for what it is – Awesome – I’m all the more jazzed for Uprising UK.

7 thoughts on “Uprising Updates”

  1. As promised, I have read your fantastic novel and I shall most certainly recommend it to as many like-minded folk as possible. You truly have a knack for writing! I thoroughly enjoyed USA and I am definitely looking forward to UK. Outstanding job sir!

  2. Book should be in my hands on Tuesday. Gotta say that BN is shipping it out fast. Will have an updated review for you soon after getting it.

  3. I read Uprising and the improvement in your writing from the beginning of the book (which was a little rough) to the end (which was pretty good) was stark. I am looking forward to reading the next installment. The story is already good, and if you pick up with the same quality of writing with which you left off UK will be outstanding.

  4. George, please, not that cover.

    If I bring a book that looks like that into the house, people are gonna freak! Tone it down, please – or have two alternate covers.

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