I want a custom Marlin…

I’m thinking of a Marlin 1895 “Trapper”, much like this one:

However, I’d like it with a blued barrel and magazine tube, stainless receiver, and walnut stocks. The peep sights from Wild West Guns in Alaska, and a Big Loop.
Hmmm… Perhaps – also – maybe 336 version in .30-30 Win.

13 thoughts on “I want a custom Marlin…”

  1. What about a blackened stainless?
    I need to get out there and let you play with mine.
    My STP that is, get your mind out of the gutter.
    I am thinking about getting a peep insert for my ghost ring.
    And if you get one with the laminate stocks, there shouldnt be an issue getting someone to swap sets with you.
    Sounds like you need a custom build to me.
    I like it!!!


    1. Blackened doesn’t give that same old deep look that I like on a blued gun. Polished the stainless receiver, then polish and deep blue that barrel… ah yeah that looks awesome.

  2. I have an 1895 Cowboy with MVA Soule sights. I have to pad out the stock some to keep my eye away from that big tang sight. This will be my 1,000 yard rifle.
    I also have a ’94 Winchester in .30-30 with a tang sight that delivers 4 MOA from prone with no rest at 500 yards. That is the size of a human chest. Iron sight .30-30, 500 yards using 325 grain Leverevolution ammo.
    I don’t know where the new Crusader Broadsword will fit into that line up, but it will make friends in the safe quickly enough.

  3. WWG did some good work for me about 10 years ago, and they may still be capable of doing good work, but they will never touch one of my rifles again.

    1. Why? .444 doesn’t offer any advantage over .450M or .45-70, and has several disadvantages compared to the .45 calibers. Off the top of my head, those would be less bullet diameter, less powder space, lighter maximum grain weight bullets, and fewer choices of well constructed bullets in general. The only reason it ever existed was because back when it was introduced, none of the ammo makers would load .45-70 to the Marlin action’s potential. And now that we have full power factory ammo in better calibers (.45-70, .450 Marlin), there is no longer any reason for somebody purchasing a new rifle to live with its disadvantages.

      1. To add, I posted all that not because I think you are retarded, but just as an attempted reality check from somebody who carries a modified Guide Gun on a semi-regular basis (I live in AK). Lots of us get hung up on the idea of a particular firearm or cartridge, and cling to our wants even after better things come along.

        1. I own a DPMS pattern AR10 carbine in .44 Automag. My next revolver is a Ruger Alaskan .44 mag. I long for an Uberti copy of the S&W model 3 in .44 Russian. I am hoping that Dan Wesson re-introduces the Alaskan Guide Special in .445 Supermag.

          Sense a pattern? 😉

          Your second post nails it. I know that .454 is better than .44 mag. That .475 Linbaugh is greater than .454. And .500 S&W is greater than .475 Linbaugh. But that doesn’t mean I will carry one in bear country. A man chooses to limit himself and learns to live with his choices (or die by them). And maybe he will practice that much more knowing he’s put himself at a slight disadvantage. I’m a .429 guy. Can’t help it.

          1. Forgot to add, I’ve owned a Winchester Trapper .44 mag, Four S&W 629’s (one 8 3/8″ and three 3″) and two Charter Arms Bulldog Pugs. Just didn’t want you to think my AR10 was my first BBQ. 😉

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