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Something “New” from Marl...

Something “New” from Marlin

I have to admit – I like the looks.  But there are two things that disappoint.  1.  They are adding some really cheap sights and acting like it’s an upgrade.  That’s just sad right there.   This is really no biggie though, as I’d replace it the same day I got the rifle.  With this. […]

Armchair Quarterbacking: MARLIN

Armchair Quarterbacking:  MARLIN

Before I go on – let me but this out there.  Marlin lever action rifles are my favorite Lever Action Rifles.  More over, they are my favorite rifles that are not auto-loading.  Of all the Manual Loading Rifles, Marlins are my first choice.  I can’t help but to love the Marlins.  But Marlin has some […]

I want a custom Marlin…

I want a custom Marlin…

I’m thinking of a Marlin 1895 “Trapper”, much like this one: However, I’d like it with a blued barrel and magazine tube, stainless receiver, and walnut stocks. The peep sights from Wild West Guns in Alaska, and a Big Loop. Hmmm… Perhaps – also – maybe 336 version in .30-30 Win.