Leupold’s HAMR

I was discussing the new Leupold HAMR with a customer today.  He was considering the Trijicon ACOG, but didn’t like the very short eye relief of the ACOG.   Both are fantastic optics and I have always been, and continue to be a fan of the ACOG.  But the new HAMR is really good.   But if I was to pick just one…  Which one?  After much consideration I have made a choice.

Between the two, I’d have the HAMR.

Reason being, it has better glass, clearer, brighter, and it doesn’t have that right side distortion the ACOG’s have.  And it has better eye relief.  Almost 3 inches instead of one and half with the ACOG.
The battery thing isn’t a real issue because when it’s off, you still have a reticle.  You only need to turn it on when it gets dark.  And come on, how many other things do you have with batteries anyway?  GPS, Radio, Lights, but some guys are going to poo-poo the HAMR because you have a battery for night shooting?  Please.  For better optical clarity, I’ll deal with a once a year battery change.

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  1. Let me tell you what, I picked up a Hi-Lux CMR and it has now officially replaced my TA01. 317.99 from Natchez is almost impossible to beat and what’s funny is that this optic flat out kills just about everything up to 3 times the price. Anyone want a TA01???

        1. Yeah, I can’t afford an ACOG now.
          I’m looking at buying 2 used vehicles, 6 cords of wood, and insulation before winter.

  2. The Trijicon will have brighter, daylight illumination because of the fiber optics. The Bindon Aiming Concept works; I have a LOT of rounds through an M4 with a TA31 on it, and it’s plenty fast even at 25m. This would not be the case without the bright, daylight-visible illumination.

    The 4x ACOGs have short eye relief. The 3.5x TA11 and TA33 3x have much more generous eye relief and are mu preferred ACOGs. The TA11 is what sits atop my Broadsword, after all.

    Haven’t even seen the Leupold. Last I checked it cost over two large; too rich for my blood.

    Just my two cents, but I’m deploying with the ACOG and am thrilled that I got one.

  3. Very nice either the HAMR or the Trig. BUT any suggestions for somebody not able to drop 2 grand right now.

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