It didn’t go well

Okay so I’m changing the oil in my motorcycle.  And… well.. it didn’t go well.   The punch line is that I crushed the little bone at the tip of my pinky and spilled all the old oil all over my driveway.  Oh, the oil is changed.  New filter, fresh oil… Bike is happy.   It just looks like Mr. Bean did it.   And my pinky wont stop bleeding from under the fingernail where the cuticle used to be.  Ouch.

13 thoughts on “It didn’t go well”

  1. “Bike is happy. It just looks like Mr. Bean did it.” – Ogre

    LOL…with ya, not at ya George!

    Ok, at ya, but don’t take it personal. The image you painted in my mind with that is priceless. 😀

    Hurting yourself maintaining transportation?

    That’s NEVER happened to me before!

    Uh huh, no, really…

  2. I feel for you.

    I hate that every time I go to do any kind of wrench turning like that, I *know* it’s going to take at least 50% longer than it should and I will be shedding blood.

  3. Bah… You havn’t lived until you have had a chain binder go through and crush your hand. LOL

    Crushed finger nail. Blow torch and a needle are an amazing cure for that. Big ouch. You made my fingertips go numb imagining that one. Be careful George.

  4. That explains the bellow I heard down here in Arizona. What implement was used to crush said finger?

  5. Just got my bike out and got it running this month, (Seattle Summer!) and forgot for an instant that the pipes and oil pan get HOT!. 2nd degree burn on the inside of my right wrist. Owww hurts and looks ugly.

  6. No maintenance or repair job is ever done at my house without blood sacrifice to the tool gods. Or something like that, LOL!!!

  7. If it makes you feel any better George… Somehow after riding home after a 15 hour shift. I ended up with half of my big toe under the center stand. (My driveway is angled so I always use the center stand and it “walks” about an inch back if I put it up too quick)

    Needless to say that I was wide awake after that one.

  8. Oh son, I feel for ya. A little blood though is worth it for a happy bike. An unhappy bike will leave beside the road. I’ve had seve stitches, and a trip to the emergency room after swalloing a nail, all for purpose of doing my job. It’s to expected. As for Mr. Bean? I have to say this, LOL,LOL,LOL. I love it. 😉

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