Uprising: UK

It looks like Uprising: UK is going to come out to be about 300 pages.   A much more manageable sized book.  While I am going through and basically rewriting it, I am being careful to give it more atmosphere.  Uprising: US was basically all about the action.  UK is going to be more about the atmosphere and I want to give it more tension building up to the action and then make that action sudden and brutal.

Some scenes in U:UK were very tight, fast, and then we jumped ahead.  Well, I want to make some of these scenes bigger.  Such as when there was a downed aircraft and a missing character.  That scene needs to be expanded.   Then there is the death of a different character, and that should probably get more time as well.   More visual, more detail, and make this story something more important than just an action/horror genre.   Because while U:UK has zombies in it, it’s not really a zombie story.  It takes a turn for the super natural… and I think it takes Uprising to a new, higher level.

The stories as written by the other Uprising authors, are being worked on… and when they are finished, these are going to be some works that you will not want to miss.  In all honesty, they are some of the best writing I’ve ever read.   And this makes me feel strange.   I kinda think they have done a better job than I have done… I started this, created this Uprising Universe, and these are the guys that have taken it and run with it…  Which makes me the George Lucas of Zombies.  Neat.  Now I need to grow a ridiculous mop of hair, a huge beard, and wear flannel.    Okay, no… I wont go there.  But this does make me think… who is my Jar-Jar?  I think that would be Musket.  Musket is my Jar-Jar.

The next books in the Uprising Series is going to be in Russia… and then to China where the Uprising was all started.  But I don’t know how it all ends.   We shall have to wait and see.

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