Crusader Sterling upgrades in the works

One of the drawbacks to the Sterling is that it has no way of mounting an optic.  We’re fixing that.  Our friend JesseL from WTA is working on a very simple and elegant solution.  Prototypes are in route to Ogre Ranch for testing.

Should these work out… these will be offered immediately for all those that had ordered one of our Sterlings.  They will also be offered as an option for all future Sterling orders.

We learned a lot doing these 9mm SMG’s the first time around.  The next run will be even better… especially with these mounts.  Yes, there will be another run.  Give us a few weeks and we’ll be looking at making that run.  We’ve a lot of business to take care of first, but its coming.

4 thoughts on “Crusader Sterling upgrades in the works”

  1. I know,I know, you are going to bring out a Sterling version in .40 S&W and make me cry big salty tears because I won’t be able to afford it.

    1. 649.99 basic.
      689.99 w/optic rail.
      74.99 for optional Cerakote.

      These prices are just an estimation.

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