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I need a revolver. A full framed 686 with a 4 inch barrel, in .357 Magnum. The one main reason that I need one, is that I don’t have one. J-Frame Snubs are great, but the full size, no compromise feel, comfort, and accuracy of a 686 is on a whole other level. Especially when shooting magnum loads. Now, I like .357… I’m one of the few who actually really do like it and dont prefer to fire .38’s out of it. .44 is great, but the cost per shell is significant higher… and if I was going to go there, I would personally rather step up into the .460 Magnum. Yes, I know it’s a much bigger and heavier frame, but its precisely that frame that makes the .460 shootable. But now I come around to consideration of what I would do with a .460 as its now too heavy for any comfortable daily carry type work… which is where that .357 686 comes into play as a great packing gun. Our good friend Mike Kupari is a big time advocate of the wheel gun, and of the .44 magnum. I think I can put the blame on him for this itch in my brain. The other great thing about getting a .357 Mag Revolver is that it would go very well with my .357 magnum M92 Lever Action that I plan on getting… probably next.

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  1. The only real .357 loads available from the factory are Buffalo Bore. You tried them out of my Ruger GP100 last time I was out. Anything else is just watered down, a glorified .38 Super.

    Might I recommend this model?

    Or this one, if you’re up for a 7-shot:

    5″ is a great barrel length, though it does make it a teeny bit harder to find holsters for.

    And while you’re stocking up on K/L frame Smiths, you might as well get the new one in .17HMR.

    The foot-long barrel is a touch unwieldy for my taste though.

    1. I do like the 7 shot versions. They are actually stronger than the classic 6 thanks to the placement of the notches in between the chambers instead of over them.

  2. Have you considered a GP100? Mine rocks, as good or better than either of the 686es I’ve owned.

  3. I’ve been a fan of the .357 round for a while. I’ve looked at the 686 several times and really want one; but, then recently, I started taking a closer look at the Ruger GP100. Any chance we can talk you into doing a side by side comparison review?

    1. Maybe in a 3-5 minute video review. I don’t have either gun right now and don’t see myself as buying them both. Now, if I can manage to borrow one of each – then absolutely.

  4. Great choice in wheel guns.
    After my addiction to the .44 N frames I cant bring myself to like the .357 however.
    Not knocking the round at ALL, great handgun round.
    I just feel… I dunno… let down every time I pull the trigger on one in a full size frame.
    I know that is me, not the round or gun.
    Its also why my wife and I pump out quite a few rounds with the press.
    You can go broke shooting the .44 with factory rounds.


  5. Just picked up a like new Winchester 94 Trapper in .357, now all I need is an M&P R8 to go with it. Winchester is now showing a new 92 Trapper in .357 on their website, looks good!

  6. You know how I feel about this – it’s hard to beat a good .357. Great factory loads available,(not just Buffalo Bore) and the ability to hit something waaaaaay out there in single action mode, and , well, you know the rest.
    Everything I’ve hit solidly with a .357 was DRT – from ‘Chucks to Deer.
    I’m also waiting on a good deal for a Marlin 1894c – so I’m going the same direction, just a different road.
    I do feel your pain but in a different way – I have the 686 7-shooter in 4″, and a J-frame 5 shot, but I need a good 6 shooter for IDPA. (I never should have sold my Highway Patrol trade-in model 66 – no matter how scratched up and ugly it was.)
    I like a K-frame for just carrying around a little better, but the 686 is do-able, especially where you are. The Ruger is good, but even heavier.

    1. I almost forgot – when you do get one, you can do a speedloader comparison/review – there are more out there than HKS. Like you need another topic to work on, right?

  7. If I was after another wheelgun right now, I’d be searching for a Dan Wesson in .41 Mag. Preferably about a 4-inch barrel.

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