Why a Crusader Weaponry AR?

Why buy a Crusader Weaponry rifle? I get asked this from time to time. If I had to give a short answer, “Because they are awesome”. But it just doesn’t quite encompass the total story behind it.

Keep your eyes on the rifle, guys. (Photo by Oleg Volk)

It starts out with the head of Crusader, Joe, aka “Gundoc” on WeTheArmed.com. He’s a guy that knows just how important it is to a warrior that his weapon be both utterly reliable and accurate. Joe comes background with the US Marines and Blackwater. He’s been there. He is soft spoken, because his work can speak for its self. Joe selects the best parts available, then he reworks them and finishes them. Even the smallest parts. They customer can select his/her major components. Handguards, Stocks, Sights, Barrel Length. The lubrication treatment is applied. Then the weapon is assembled and tested.

The permanent lubrication treatment has been tested against Fail-Zero.  Our treatment lasted twice as long in independence 3rd party testing.

If the customer wants a custom finish applied to the gun, Joe is a certified Master Refinisher from Lauer Weaponry the guys who make Duracoat. There are other guys that say they can do Duracoat, hobbiests… Joe is one of the professionals and the only one in the State of Utah. So there you have it. Crusader doesn’t just throw parts together like other guys do. The result is a gun that looks awesome, that is made to order, that runs slick and fast, that is accurate and reliable. These are the best AR-15 rifles money can buy.

The rifle, look at the rifle... thx Oleg

So what do I do with Crusader?  I’m Crusader’s Senior Trainer.  I will teach you how to get the most out of your rifle, to push it and you to the limits.  For 2011, I am offering a special deal.  A Tactical Carbine course for only a hundred bucks with the purchase of any Crusader AR-15 rifle.   That is a day of training for roughly the cost of a 250 round bulk pack of Ultra Max ammo.  That deal can not be beaten.

Oh, wait.  Yeah.  I can beat that.  With the purchase of Crusader Broadsword rifle (our SR-25 Type) I am throwing in a Free Pass to any Tactical Carbine course.  You buy the rifle and you get the course for free.  No, we are not padding the cost of the rifle.  I’m throwing it in on my own dime.  Get your rifle, come get the training.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention.  Crusader has teamed up with BattleComp and we are putting these things on our guns unless you specify something different.  It makes a .308 gun shoot like a 5.56 gun, and makes a 5.56 feel like you are shooting a .22LR.  These are great additions to your rifle and worth the upgrade.

Photos by Oleg Volk.

10 thoughts on “Why a Crusader Weaponry AR?”

  1. George, you DO realize that I am already having trouble saying NO to a Broadsword.
    This is NOT helping.


    1. It’s my job to push you over the edge.
      OH – I’ll have to edit the post or make a new one.
      One of the things we are putting on the guns… BattleComps.
      Take a look at the vids, especially the one on the .308 gun.
      Tipping yet?

  2. If I were to actually buy a custom AR it would be a Crusader. Not everyone realizes that just because parts fit together doesn’t mean that they actually match, and that takes skill, knowledge & experience. I have a feeling that Crusader will be big (I believe that the Slipstream will lead the way) and it will be because their rifles ARE all that. I’m sure there’s a reason a piston drive isn’t offered and IMO it really isn’t necessary for civilian consumers.

  3. How about an extremely lightweight carbine?

    Pencil barrel, skeletonized fixed stock, maybe MagPul MOE handguard?

    I’ve been thinking about building one of those myself….

    1. You mean an SR-25 type? We can do that, we’re working on that one right now for a Customer already.
      Or do you mean a Bolt Action? We can do that too, but we’ve not worked up a price/configuration for it. I’ve wanted to do that since before there was a Crusader. I had talked with Joe about doing some modifications to the CZ 527 platform.

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